Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL)

Western University Student Chapter

The objectives of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries are:
  1. To promote law librarianship, to develop and increase the usefulness of Canadian law libraries, and to foster a spirit of cooperation among them.
  2. To provide a forum of meetings of persons engaged or interested in law library work and to encourage professional self-development.
  3. To co-operate with other organizations which tend to promote the objectives of the Association or the interests of its members.

CALL@Western Mission Statement: We endeavour to spread awareness of the importance of law libraries and the law librarian/legal information profession that supports them. Our primary mission is to spark interest in this important field at Western University, since a world with more legal information professionals, means a world with better access to justice. Working with our expanding network of law librarian and legal information professionals (in various settings), we seek to impart their valuable knowledge and experience for the purpose of preparing interested students for a rewarding career in the field.

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