The Graduate Health Information Science Student Association (GHISSA)

The Graduate Health Information Science Student Association (GHISSA) represents graduate students from Western's interdisciplinary program, Health Information Science.

GHISSA represents an energetic group of masters and doctoral students from diverse backgrounds, raising awareness about the pressing needs and opportunities in health information science, making an impact on Western University campus and beyond.

GHISSA student council fosters collaboration with Faculty of Information and Media Studies, Faculty of Health Sciences and other Health Information Science (HIS) allied faculties at Western University through active representation and participation on faculty councils, meetings and events.

The student council advocates on behalf of HIS students to advance their interests and ensure that all issues affecting students in the program are addressed. The council organizes extra-curricular activities and social events to enhance HIS student experience.  

GHISSA has already spearheaded a health information science speaker series on Western's campus and is hoping to become a prominent model student group in Canada, offering a place where students can express their needs and opinions, leading the way for the development of the health information sciences.

More information:

GHISSA Wordpress site
GHISSA Facebook page
Contact information:

Stephanie Simpson (current President)