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The following is a list of published theses from FIMS' thesis-based graduate programs. Also see creative projects completed by Master of Arts in Popular Music & Culture students, and the Emerging Library & Information Perspectives (ELIP), open access, peer-reviewed journal.

(Note: hyperlinks are included for theses that were submitted to Scholarship@Western and are now available through Western's Electronic Theses & Dissertation Repository. Those without hyperlinks are not currently available through the e-repository).

Master of Arts in Media Studies

Titles from 2016

DelPino, Alan (October 2017). The Representation of the Canadian Goverment's Warrantless Domestic Collection of Metadata in the Canadian Print News Media. (Supervisors: Dr. Jackie Burkell and Dr. Pam McKenzie).

Rashid, Shahad
(October 2017). Mapping the Arab Diaspora: Examining Placelessness and Memory in Arab Art. (Supervisor: Tim Blackmore).

Griffin, Darcy
(September 2017). (Not) One of the Boys: A Case Study of Female Detectives on HBO. (Supervisor: Dr. Susan Knabe)

Pieber, Darryl
(July 2017). A Place for Locative Media: A Theoretical Framework for Assessing Locative Media Use in Urban Environments. (Supervisor: Dr. Anabel Quan-Haase)

Fanning, Jessica (October 2016). Shifting Temporalities: The Construction of Flexible Subjectivities through Part-Time Retail Workers' Use of Smartphone Technology. (Supervisor: Dr. Sarah Roberts) 

Campbell, Jaime A.
(September 2016). Law and Abuse: Representations of Intimate Partner Homicide in Law Procedural Dramas. (Supervisor: Dr. Sasha Torres)

Britten, Charlotte
. (August 2016). Finding Your Way: Navigating Online News and Opinions. (Supervisor: Dr. Jacquelyn Burkell)

Titles from 2011-2015

Leclerc, Roberto. (August 2015). Satirical News and Political Subversiveness: A Critical Approach to The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. (Supervisor: Dr. James Compton)

Colbeck, Kristen
. (April 2015). Navigating the Social Landscape: An Exploration of Social Networking Site Usage among Emerging Adults. (Supervisor: Dr. Anabel Quan-Haase)

Madrenas, Clara. (November 2014). Media Literacy and the English as a Second Language Curriculum: A Curricular Critique & Dreams for the Future. (Supervisor: Dr. Amanda Grzyb)

Bayer, Alanna. (August  2014). Evangelizing the "Gallery Of the Future”: A Critical Analysis of the Google Art Project Narrative and its Political, Cultural and Technological Contradictions. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Spence, Jennifer. (August  2014). Labours Of Love: Fan Labour, Cultural Products, and the Monetization of Fandom. (Supervisor: Dr. Susan Knabe)

Eisner-Levine, Amy. (June 2014). Man Versus Food: An Analysis of ‘Dude Food’ Television and Public Health. (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Robinson)

Almon, Trevor. (April 2014). The Imaginary Life of Revolt: Alienation, Nostalgia, and the Digital Mediation of the Radical Subject. (Supervisor: Dr. Alison Hearn)

Devlin, Matthew. (April 2014). Cultivating Better Brains: Transhumanism and its Critics on the Ethics of Cognitive Enhancement Via Brain-Computer Interfacing. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Macklem, Lisa. (December 2013). We're on This Road Together: The Changing Fan/Producer Relationship in Television as Demonstrated by Supernatural. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Gabriel, Elias. (October 2013). Manufacturing Legitimacy: A Critical Theory of Election News Coverage. (Supervisor: Dr. James Compton)

Chiang, Samuel. (September 2013). Anonymous: Exploring Polemics and Non-Identity. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Morgan, Danielle. (September 2013). Money, Morals, and Human Rights: Commercial Influences in the Marketing, Branding, and Fundraising of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Robinson)

Blazevic, Charles. (April 2013). Distinguishing the “Vanguard” from the “Insipid”: Exploring the Valorization of Mainstream Popular Music in Online Indie Music Criticism. (Supervisor: Dr. Matt Stahl)

Rotstein, Cari. (December 2012). Online Social Breast-Working: Representations of Breast Milk Sharing in the 21st Century. (Supervisor: Dr. Romayne Smith-Fullerton)

Viteo, Kayley. (December 2012). Day of the Woman?: Feminism and Rape-Revenge Films. (Supervisor: Dr. Alison Hearn)

Butosi, Craig. (August 2012). Social Net-working: Exploring the Political Economy of the Online Social Network Industry. (Supervisor: Dr. Samuel Trosow)

Baxter, Sarah. (July 2012). Watching High School: Representing Disempowerment on Teen Drama Television. (Supervisor: Dr. Paulette Rothbauer)

Lukacs, Veronica. (July 2012). It's Complicated: Romantic Breakups and Their Aftermath on Facebook. (Supervisor: Dr. Anabel Quan-Haase)

Phippard, Trisha. (July 2012). The (m)Health Connection: An Examination of the Promise of Mobile Phones for HIV/AIDS Intervention in Sub-Saharan Africa. (Supervisor: Dr. Sandra Smeltzer)

Raymond, Justin. (April 2012). Born Again Hard: Transgender Subjectivity in Paul Chadwick's Concrete. (Supervisor: Dr. Susan Knabe)

Harvey, Daniel. (February 2012). The Invisible Genocide: An Analysis of ABC, CBS, and NBC Television News Coverage of the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda. (Supervisor: Dr. Amanda Grzyb)

Lai, Jessica. (November 2011). A Frame Analysis of NGO Literature on Internet Censorship in China: The Case of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Reporters Without Borders. (Supervisor: Dr. Sandra Smeltzer)

McGuigan, Lee. (September 2011). Commodity Audience,Commodity Everything: Interrogating T-Commerce in the United States Cable Industry. (Supervisor: Dr. Edward Comor)

Armstrong, Breanne. (August 2011). Watching You, Watching Me: Representations of Female Fans and Fan Communities in Academia, News Media and Popular Culture. (Supervisor: Dr. Susan Knabe)

Martin, Channelle. (August 2011). A Black Girl Named After a Plantation: The Case of Tara Thornton and Ironic Racism in Alan Ball’s True Blood. (Supervisor: Dr. Sasha Torres)

Hiltz, Emily. (June 2011).  A Force of Nature: The Maternal Appetite of Good and Evil Women in "Snow White," "Hansel and Gretel," and "Rapunzel." (Supervisor: Dr. Romayne Smith Fullerton)

Titles from 2006-2010

Hunt, Daryl. (October 2010). Terror Out of Context: Jacques Ellul's Technique Applied to National Security Problems from the Red Scare to 9/11. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Kjosen, Atle. (August 2010). An accident of value: A Marxist - Virilian analysis of digital piracy". (Supervisor: Dr. Bernd Frohmann)

Pedri, Jennesia. (July 2010). The limitations of fidelity in the novel-film adaptation of Peter Pan, Where the Wild Things Are, Alice in Wonderland, Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Twilight Saga. (Supervisor: Dr. Lynne McKechnie)

McGeagh, Brendan. (July 2010). From Canada For the World: National Myth and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. (Supervisor: Dr. Sharon Sliwinski)

Afsahi, Nazgol. (July 2010). A Discourse Analysis of Transsexuality Through Three Fields: Expert Knowledges in Legal, Medical and News Texts. (Supervisor: Dr. Amanda Grzyb)

Wheal, Stacey. (June 2010). What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?: Exploring Literacy Discourse via 'Net Gen' Adaptations of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Rogers, James. (May 2010). Killer Vacations' and 'Murder Music: The Discourses of Gay Identity, Consumerism, and Race in the Gay-Dancehall Confrontation. (Supervisor: Dr. Susan Knabe)

Pirie, Maeghan. (April 2010). Collaborating Dialogues: Filmmaking Practices of Barb Cranmer, Shelley Niro, and Alanis Obomsawin. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Preston, Melanie. (April 2010). Situating the Stage, Playing the Field: The Politics of Location in Leaky Heaven's Ziggurat. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Cornell, Kerstin. (December 2009). The Antioch Debacle: A Corporatist Misadventure in Higher Education. (Supervisor: Dr. Sasha Torres)

Cohen, Dustin. (November 2009). Objet Petit (a)vatar: Psychoanalysis, Posthumanism and the Question of the Self in Second Life Student. (Supervisors: Dr. Sharon Sliwinski and Dr. Alison Hearn)

Nelson, Craig. (September 2009). Adult Swim: Reflexivity as an Entertainment Television Brand. (Supervisor: Dr. Amanda Grzyb)

Carrocci, Lindsay. (June 2009). Representing the Promotional University: Undergraduate Student Recruitment Strategies in Ontario, 1997-2007. (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Robinson)

Gladstone, Lia. (June 2009). Locating the 'Act' in Activist Art: Exploring the Pedagogical Possibilities of 'My Life in 5 Minutes' For Feminist Students. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Murray, Cameron. (June 2009). Multiform Narratives in the Heterotopic Space of Technoscience: A Critical Instance Case Study of a Western Canadian Genomics Research Facility. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Noon, Derek. (August 2008). Machines for Living: The Situationist International and Videogames. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Luedecke, Patricia. (August 2008). The Guilded Goddess at the Gate: Idyllic Industry, Blooming Myths and Cybersilence in the Garden. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Schmalz, Michael. (August 2008). The Not-So-Long Tail of Digital Play. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Williams, Sherilyn. (July 2008). Crafting Resistance: Handmade Culture as Third-Wave Feminist Response to Consumerism. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Young, Alyson. (July 2008). Defacing the 'Book: Examining Information Revelation, Internet Privacy Concerns and Privacy Protection in Facebook. (Supervisor: Dr. Anabel Quan-Haase)

Black, Toban. (June 2008). Hypermodern Ecological Degradation: An Innisian Critique. (Supervisor: Dr. Robert Babe)

Preston, Jeffrey Michael. (June 2008). Augmented Ability, Integrated Identity: Understanding Disability, Adaptive Technology and the Construction of Identity. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Svec, Henry. (June 2008). The World Can’t Tell You How You Are: The Actors’ Studio, Inside the Actors Studio, and the Performance of Being. (Supervisor: Dr. Alison Hearn)

Arntfield, Mike. (August 2007). Version 5.0: A Genealogy of Technological Determinism in Modern Law Enforcement & the Rise of the Television Police Drama. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Kish, Zenia. (August 2007). In the Eye of Hurricane Katrina: How a Media Storm Brought America’s Third World into Public View. (Supervisor: Dr. Sasha Torres)

Pietrzyk, Kamila. (August 2007). Exit from the Myopic Impasse: Social Movement Strategy in the Age of the Internet. (Supervisor: Dr. Edward Comor)

Cruz, Trent. (July 2007). Gaming the Good War: Playing World War II Video Games in the Shadow of the War on Terror. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Zomer, Arielle. (July 2007). Tuning Into CFPL: The Role of CFPL-AM and CFPL-FM Radio Stations in Building and Maintaining a Local Community Identitiy in London, Ontario 1922-2007. (Supervisor: Dr. David Spencer)

Timmins, Rachel. (June 2007). Crisis, Collapse, Creation: A Virilian Examination of Technological Penetration and Its Effect on Identity. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Armstrong, Matthew. (April 2007). Is Terrorism Dialogue? (Supervisor: Dr. Sasha Torres)

Dick, Maren. (April 2007). Cross-media Youth Programming, Critical Pedagogy and the Case of RENEGADEPRESS.COM. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Shepherd, Tamara. (April 2007). Identity, Embodiment and Subversion in Pro-Anorexia Weblogs. (Supervisor: Dr. Alison Hearn)

Swain, Stephen. (April 2007). Mediated Heroism: A Discourse Analysis of the Hero Image of Pat Tillman. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Ward, Kadie. (April 2007). The Creative City and the Creative Class(es): How they restructure the local in the city of London, Ontario. (Supervisors: Dr. Tim Blackmore and Dr. Joy Parr)

Elias, Rebecca. (December 2006). Democratic Illusions: Mythic Heroism and National Fantasy in Post-9/11 Superhero Films. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Arbour, Joseph. (November 2006). Bring Us Back to the Future, Not Forward to the Past: The Modernist Sensibilities and Postmodern Anxieties of Exclaim! Magazine. (Supervisor: Dr. Keir Keightley)

Jacques, Alison. (August 2006). The Pretty Accused: Evelyn Dick in the Press and Popular Culture, 1946-2006. (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Robinson)

Manzerolle, Vincent. (August 2006). The Consumer Database, Consumer Sovereignty, and the Commercial Mediation of Identity in the United States. (Supervisor: Dr. Edward Comor)

Schach, Emily. (August 2006). Icon of Consumption: The Cosmo Girl and the Commodification of Femininity, 1965-1975. (Supervisors: Dr. Alison Hearn and Dr. Daniel Robinson)

Song, Chan (Melody). (August 2006). Editing Culture: Chinese-Made Movies' Exoticization of Chineseness. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Micheti, Anca. (July 2006). Epidemics and their Meanings: Representations of SARS in Canadian Newspapers. (Supervisor: Dr. Jacquelyn Burkell)

Harris, Rhea. (April 2006). America in the End Zone: Football, Nationalism, and the New England Patriots. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Kudirka, David. (April 2006). Shooter: Character in Video Games. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Titles from 2000-2005

Carr, Ryan. (August 2005). Insubstantial Life: Theoretical Conversations on Media and their Role in Determining (?) Culture. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Papayanis, Alena M. (August 2005). Soldiering for President: John Kerry’s Vietnam Veteran Campaign in the Age of the Iraqi Frontier. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Wong, Anna S.P. (August 2005). Representation of the Self in Online Chat Rooms: Identity Play. (Co-Supervisors: Dr. Catherine Ross and Dr. Jacqueline Burkell)

van der Veen, John. (May 2005). Information and the Mind-Matter Divide: Unpacking the Works of Gregory Bateson and Kenneth Boulding. (Supervisor: Dr. Robert Babe)

Zeffiro, Andrea F. (November 2004). Ready-to-Where?: The Cultural Politics of the Runway Space. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Kerr, Kate G.L. (September 2004). 'Living to die': The Culture of Hip Hop Death. (Supervisor: Dr. Sasha Torres)

Solursh, Catherine. (September 2004). Claiming our Groove: Female Club DJs and an Exploration of Gender and Technology. (Co-Supervisors: Dr. Carole Farber and Dr. Keir Keightley)

West, Peter C. (September 2004). Perceptions of 'Anonymity' Online: Exploring the Concept of Anonymity in an Online Context from the Perspective of the Individual Experiencing It. (Supervisor: Dr. Jacqueline Burkell)

Adams, Kristin. (August 2004). Melodrama as an Educational Tool: Children’s Television and the Case of Degrassi Junior High. (Supervisor: Dr. Sasha Torres)

PhD in Media Studies

Titles since 2015

Kim, Kyunghee (June 2018). Cultural Hybridity in the Contemporary Korean Popular Culture Through the Practice of Genre Transformation. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Bertuzzi, Robert
(June 2018). Hone the Means of Production: Craft Antagonism and Domination in the Journalistic Labour Process of Freelance Writers. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Chakraborty, Indranil
(May 2018). Invisible Labour: Support-Service Workers in India's Information Technology Industry. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Freier, Amy
(May 2018). Exhibiting Human Rights: Making the Means of Dignity Visible. (Supervisor: Dr. Sharon Sliwinski)

Hambleton, Jennifer
(March 2018). Industrial Stagecraft: Tooling and Cultural Production. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Hoad-Reddick, Kate
(November 2017). Pitching the Feminist Voice: A Critique of Contemporary Consumer Feminism. (Supervisor: Dr. Romayne Smith Fullerton)

Mitra, Saumava
(October 2017) Local-Global Tensions: Professional Experience, Role Perceptions and Image Production of Afghan Photojournalists Working for a Global Audience. (Supervisors: Dr. Jacquie Burkell and Dr. Susan Knabe)

de Laat, Sonya
(October 2017). Regarding Aid: The Photographic Situation of Humanitarianism. (Supervisor: Dr. Sharon Sliwinski)

Taschereau Mamers, Danielle
(May 2017). Settler Colonial Ways of Seeing: Documentary Governance of Indigenous Life in Canada and its Disruption. (Supervisor: Dr. Sharon Sliwinski)

Thom, Jessica. (October 2016). Believing the News: Exploring How Young Canadians Make Decisions About Their News Consumption. (Supervisor: Dr. Jacquie Burkell)

Cruz, Trent. (October 2016).
Creative Management: Disciplining the Neoliberal Worker. (Supervisor: Dr. Alison Hearn)

Kjøsen, Atle.
(September 2016). Capital's Media: The Physical Conditions of Circulation. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Jackson, David
. (September 2016). Becoming Sonic: Ambient Poetics and the Ecology of Listening in Four Militant Sound Investigations. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Davila, Richard.
(March 2016). No Hay Sólo Un Idioma, No Hay Sólo Una Voz: A Revisionist History Of Chicana/os and Latina/os in Punk. (Supervisor: Dr. Norma Coates)

Schmalz, Michael (December 2015). Limitation to Innovation in the North American Console Video Game Industry 2001-2013: A Critical Analysis (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Fresco, Estee (November 2015). Impassioned Objects and Seething Absences: The Olympics in Canada, National Identity and Consumer Culture (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Robinson)

Arnott, Luke (August 2015). Narrative Epic and New Media: The Totalizing Spaces of Postmodernity in The Wire, Batman, and The Legend of Zelda. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Lohman, Eric (July 2015). When [S]He is Working [S]He is Not at Home: Challenging Assumptions About Remote Work.  (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Thorburn, Elise (May 2015). Human-Machinic Assemblages: Technologies, Bodies, and the Recuperation of Social Reproduction in the Crisis Era.  (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Titles since 2009

Young, Liam (December 2014). 'What's in a list?' Cultural Techniques, Logistics, Poeisis. (Supervisor: Dr. Bernd Frohmann)

Benoit, Andrea (August 2014). Face Value: Beyond the Surface of Brand Philanthropy through Cultural Production of the MAC AIDS Fund.  (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Robinson)

Richardson, Gemma (August 2014). (Un)covering Suicide: The Changing Ethical Norms in Canadian Journalism. (Supervisors: Dr. Carole Farber and Dr. Romayne Smith Fullerton)

Preston, Jeffrey (August 2014). Fantasizing Disability: Representation of Loss and Limitation in Popular Television and Film. (Supervisor: Dr. Sharon Sliwinski)

Svec, Henry (August 2013). If I Had a Hammer: An Archeology of Tactical Media From the Hootenanny to the People's Microphone (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Manzerolle, Vincent (April 2013). Brave New Wireless World: Mapping the Rise of Ubiquitous Connectivity from Myth to Market. (Supervisors: Dr. Sandra Smeltzer and Dr. Edward Comor)

Livermore, Owen (February 2013). The Academic Grind: A Critique of Creative and Collaborative Discourses Between Digital Games Industries and Post-Secondary Education in Canada. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Meier, Leslie (January 2013). Promotional Ubiquitous Musics: New Identities and Emerging Markets in the Digitalizing Music Industry (Supervisor: Dr. Jonathan Burston)

Toledo Ramirez, Franciso Gerardo (December 2012). Because I am Not Here, Selected Second Life-Based Art Case Studies. Subjectivity, Autoempathy and Virtual World Aesthetics. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Brown, Brian (July 2012). Will Work for Free: Examining the Biopolitics of Unwaged Immaterial Labour (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Richardson, Chris (July 2012). Communicating Crimes: Covering Gangs in Contemporary Canadian Journalism. (Supervisor: Dr. Romayne Smith-Fullerton)

Feliciano Ortiz, Raul J (April 2012). Watching the games: Critical media literacy and students' abilities to identify and critique the politics of sports. (Supervisors: Dr. Carole Farber and Dr. Romayne Smith-Fullerton)

Martin, Jennifer (March 2012). Keeping Up with the Virtual Joneses: The Practices, Meanings, and Consequences of Consumption in Second Life. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Asquith, Kyle (November 2011). Aren't They Keen?"  Early Children's Food Advertising and the Emergence of the Brand-loyal Child Consumer.  (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Robinson)

Daubs, Michael S (September 2011). Immediacy and Aesthetic Remediation in Television and Digital Media: Mass Media’s Challenge to the Democratization of Media Production. (Supervisor: Dr. Sasha Torres)

Arntfield, Mike (July 2011). Hypertext Epitaphs: The Digitization of Police Memorials and Funerary Writing. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Ting, Elle Kwok-Yin (August 2009). Pax Americana : September 11 memorialization and nation-building mythologies. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Master of Arts in Popular Music & Culture

Titles since 2009

Also see: PMC Creative Projects

Canosa, Sandra. (2016). Girls, Rock Your Boys: Female Tribute Acts and the Reclamation of Rock. (Supervised by Dr. Norma Coates)

Hawkins, Grant
. (2016). "Whatever I Want:" Death Grips, Disobedience and the Music Industries. (Supervised by Dr. Matt Stahl)

Keron, Catherine
. (2016). Establishing Female Resistance as Tradition in Country Music: Towards a More Refined Discourse. (Supervised by Dr. Norma Coates)

Morley, Briana
. (2016). Not In "Isolation": Joy Division and Cultural Collaborators in Popular Music. (Supervised by Dr. Keir Keightley)

Enns, Mackenzie
. (2015). Game Scoring: Towards a Broader Theory. (Supervised by Dr. Jay Hodgson)

Dineley, Sean. (2014). Covers Uncovered: A History of the "Cover Version," from Bing Crosby to the Flaming Lips. (Supervised by Dr. Keir Keightley)

Allen, Samuel. (2013). Treasuries of Subcultural Capital: Three Indie Institutions in the London, Ontario Independent-Music Scene. (Supervised by Dr. Keir Keightley)

Fowle, Kyle. (2013). Scary Monsters and Pervasive Slights: Genre Construction, Mainstreaming, and Processes of Authentication and Gendered Discourse in Dubstep. (Supervised by Dr. Keir Keightley)

Hamel, Danielle. (2013). The Halifax Pop Explosion: Music Scenes, Sloan, And The Case For A Halifax Sound. (Supervised by Dr. Norma Coates)

Mcleish, Claire. (2013). "The Future is Medieval": Orality and Musical Borrowing in the Middle Ages and Online Remix Culture. (Supervised by Dr. Norma Coates)

Shelvock, Matthew. (2012). Audio Mastering as Musical Practice. (Supervised by Dr. Jay Hodson)

White, Christopher. (2012). "Rap is easy, career is the hard part:" Analyzing success, longevity and failure within the framework of the hip-hop career. (Supervised by Dr. Keir Keightley)

Collins, Mark. (2011). Delay and Modulation Processing as Musical Technique in Rock. (Supervised by Dr. Robert Toft)

Francis, Meghan. (2011). "I'm your biggest fan (I'll follow you until you love me)": social networking sites, fans, and affect. (Supervised by Dr. Norma Coates)

Coverdale, Kara-Lis. (2010). Sound, rhetoric, and the fallacy of fidelity in recorded popular music: toward a critical approach to timbral analysis. (Supervised by Dr. Norma Coates)

Lewis, Amanda. (2010). Towards a model for analysis of microphone practice on rock recordings. (Supervised by Dr. Jay Hodgson)

Cwynar, Christopher. (2009). Making Canadian music, or making music 'Canadian'? : a critique of Canadian popular music culture during the Rock Era. (Supervised by Dr. Keir Keightley)

PhD in Library & Information Science

Titles from the 2010s

Berg, Selinda (November 2017). Expertise, Mediation, and Technological Surrogacy: A Mixed Method Critical Analysis of a Point of Care Evidence Resource. (Supervisors: Dr. Roma Harris and Dr. Nadine Wathen)

Schreurs, Kathleen
(September 2017). The E-Writing Experiences of Literary Authors. (Supervisor: Dr. Lynne McKechnie)

Di Valentino, Lisa
(November 2016). Laying the Foundation for Copyright Policy and Practice in Canadian Universities. (Supervisor: Dr. Samuel Trosow)

Elueze, Isioma.
(November 2016). Towards Evidence-Informed Agriculture Policy Making: Investigating the Knowledge Translation Practices of Researchers in the National Agriculture Research Institutes in Nigeria. (Supervisor: Dr. Isola Ajiferuke)

Onaifo, Daniel
(July 2016). Alternate Academy: Investigating the Use of Open Educational Resources by Students at the University of Lagos in Nigeria. (Supervisor: Dr. Anabel Quan-Haase)

Conroy, Nadia
(June 2016). Understanding Collaborative Sensemaking for System Design - An Investigation of Musicians' Practice. (Supervisor: Dr. Victoria Rubin)

Fortier, Alexander
(June 2016). Different Approaches for Different Folks. (Supervisor: Dr. Jacquelyn Burkell)

Martin, Kim
(May 2016). Creating Context from Curiosity: The Role of Serendipity in the Research Process of Historians in Physical and Digital Environments. (Supervisor: Dr. Anabel Quan-Haase)

Ripley, James
(October 2015). Watching Storytelling: Visual Information in Oral Narratives. (Supervisor: Dr. Lynne McKechnie)

Mumba, Daniel
(September 2015). Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Africa: Investigating Information Access and the Use of ICTs by Women-Owned Enterprises in Zambia. (Supervisor: Dr. Kate Johnson)

Nzomo, Peggy I. (May 2015). Multilingual Information Access: Practices and Perceptions of Bi/multilingual Academic Users. (Supervisor: Dr. Isola Ajiferuke)

Pollak, Angela (April 2015). Words to Live By: How Experience Shapes our Information World at Work, Play and in Everyday Life. (Supervisor: Dr. Lynne McKechnie)

Kamal, Ahmad (April 2015). Contentious information: Accounts of knowledge production, circulation and consumption in transitional Egypt. (Supervisor: Dr. Ajit Pyati)

Serantes, Lucia Cedeira (May 2014). Young adults reflect on the experience of reading comics in contemporary society: Overcoming the commonplace and recognizing complexity. (Supervisors: Dr. Lynne McKechnie and Dr. Paulette Rothbauer)

McTavish, Jill (December 2013). Knowledge Organization Practices in Everyday Life: Divergent Constructions of Healthy Eating. (Supervisor: Dr. Roma Harris)

Zhang, Yanjun (February 2013). Semantics-based Automatic Quality Assessment of Depression Treatment Web Documents. (Supervisors: Dr. Jacquelyn Burkell and Dr. Robert Mercer)

Griffis, Matthew (January 2013). Space, Power and The Public Library: A Multicase Examination Of The Public Library As Organization Space. (Supervisor: Dr. Gloria Leckie)

Buchel, Olga (April 2012). Making Sense of Document Collections With Map-Based Visualizations. (Supervisor: Dr. Kamran Sedig)

McNally, Michael (April 2012). Intellectual Property and Its Alternatives: Incentives, Innovation and Ideology. (Supervisors: Dr. Samuel Trosow and Ajit Pyati)

D’Alton, Louis (April 2012). A Critical Historical Analysis of the Public Performance Right. (Supervisor: Samuel Trosow)

Oliphant, Tami (November 2010). The Information Practices of People Living with Depression: Constructing Credibility and Authority. (Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Ross)

Kosciejew, Marc (August 2010). Documenting Race and Ethnicity: The Documentary Construction of Racial and Ethnic Identities in Apartheid South Africa. (Supervisor: Dr. Bernd Frohmann)

Fast, Karl (February 2010). Human-Information Interaction for Digital Libraries: From Document Repositories to Knowledge Environments. (Supervisor: Dr. Kamran Sedig)

Titles from the 2000s

Gao, Yijun (December 2009). Gauging Public Interest from Server Logs, Surveys and Inlinks: A Multi-Method Approach to Analyze News Websites. (Supervisor: Dr. Liwen Vaughan)

Pecoskie, Jennifer (November 2009). The Solitary, Social, and 'Grafted Spaces' of Pleasure Reading: Exploring Reading Practices from the Experiences of Adult, Self-identified Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Readers and Book Club Members. (Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Ross)

Gerolami, Natasha (August 2009). The Architecture of a Virtual Library: A Deleuzian Approach to Library and Information Studies. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Kipp, Margaret (July 2009). Information Organisation Practices on the Web: Tagging and the Social Organisation of Information. (Supervisor: Dr. Grant Campbell)

Maina, Charles (July 2009). The Traditional Knowledge Protection Debate: Identifying and Listening to the Voices of Traditional Knowledge Holders. (Supervisor: Dr. Margaret Ann Wilkinson)

Veinot, Tiffany (February 2009). Social Capital and HIV/AIDS Information/ Help Exchange Networks in Rural Canada. (Supervisor: Dr. Roma Harris)

Peekhaus, Wilhelm (July 2008). Canada's Biotechnology Strategy: Struggles on the Knowledge Commons. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Lambert, Frank (February 2008). Rewriting the "Rules" of Online Networked Community Information Services: A Case Study of the Model. (Supervisor: Dr. Liwen Vaughan)

Davies, Elisabeth (April 2007). Epistemic Practices of Theatre Production Professionals: An Activity Theory Approach. (Supervisor: Dr. Gloria Leckie)

Maskell, Cathy (March 2006). Consortia Activity in Academic Libraries: Anti-competitive or in the Public Good? (Supervisor: Dr. Margaret Ann Wilkinson)

Stevenson, Siobhan (August 2005). The Post-Fordist Public Library: From Carnegie to Gates. (Supervisors: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford and Dr. Catherine Ross)

Luyt, Brendan (December 2004). Political Legitimacy and the Idea of an Emerging Information Society in the South: A Case Study of the Philippines. (Supervisor: Dr. Bernd Frohmann)

Rothbauer, Paulette (June 2004). Finding and Creating Possibility: Reading in the Lives of Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Young Women. (Supervisor: Dr. Lynne McKechnie)

Wathen, Nadine (January 2004). The Pause in Menopause? What Informs Women’s Decisions to Discontinue Hormone Replacement Therapy. (Supervisor: Dr. Roma Harris)

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Master of Health Information Science

Titles since 2013

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PhD in Health Information Science

Titles since 2018

Naimi, Anthony. (March 2018). Supporting dynamic and distributed decision making in acute care environments: Insights from a cognitive ethnography. (Supervisors: Dr. Kamran Sedig and Dr. Nicole Haggerty)