Course Description

MIT 435G (Winter 2007)   Mainstream News: Dismantling Method, Gender & Ethics

Course Description
Through an application of communication and ethics theories to actual news coverage, students will evaluate how and how well current news-gathering methods and writing techniques cover emotional, difficult events. For example, how useful is the ‘objective’ style of reporting when covering the war in Iraq or a suicide in London, Ontario? How might a reporting style that embraced aspects of public journalism change the focus of a story and the kinds of information it would include? Is there a place for a health- care based model in community journalism? Would employing a feminist ethic of care (a perspective based on building relations and relationships) instead of a traditional masculine, competitive, individualistic approach, enliven and expand contemporary coverage in a positive manner?
    The course will begin with several lectures, a film, and a group of readings in order to situate our discussion within the realm of current journalism practices, theories and actual events. Then we will move to seminar format as students themselves take on the role of analyst and class provocateur.

This course is no longer active. Please contact FIMS Undergraduate Student Services,, for more information.