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Creativity, creative practice, and collaboration


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Western's new Creative Arts and Production (CAP) program is a unique, student-centred option that focuses on creativity, creative practice and collaboration.

As a CAP student, you will be registered in one of three home faculties - the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Faculty of Information and Media Studies, or the Don Wright Faculty of Music - while taking advantage of expertise and resources across all three faculties. You will work towards a degree that integrates both theory and production as you select from a broad range of elective courses within arts, media studies, and music.

What will I learn?

Working independently and collaboratively, you will:

  • Learn about the arts, culture and media industries
  • Discover and harness creativities through independent and collaborative work
  • Explore the relationship between creative process, production, and social and political issues, including intersectional identity and community
  • Gain valuable knowledge and expertise in related areas like intellectual property and copyright in creative practice

Alongside taking courses that allow you to explore your own capabilities, you'll also learn about the business and professional side of the creative arts industry. Get ready for real-world learning opportunities, including how to:

  • Create a business case
  • Pitch ideas
  • Survive in a gig economy

What sort of courses will I take?

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The CAP program has required courses assigned to each of the four years of the degree, including a Capstone Experience in the final year. CAP students have the advantage of choosing courses from a list of Creative Arts electives, and from within each of the three participating faculties.

Examples of non-CAP electives include courses from:

  • Popular Music Studies (Music)
  • Music Performance (Music)
  • Music Composition (Music)
  • English - Theatre, Film, Writing (A&H)
  • Studio Art (A&H)
  • Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies (A&H)
  • Digital Communication (FIMS)
  • Political Economy of Media (FIMS)
  • Media and Social Justice Issues (FIMS)

This is a sample list only; elective course options are extensive and vary from year to year.

How do I enrol in CAP?

In your first year at Western, you will enrol in one of three home faculties connected to CAP: The Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Faculty of Information and Media Studies (FIMS), or the Don Wright Faculty of Music. You will take the pre-requisite course CA 1020A: Introduction to Creative Arts, along with one elective from a list of courses offered by the three participating faculties.

When the time comes to register for Year 2, you will have the opportunity to enrol in the CAP program based on your completion of the first-year prerequisites.

Note: Creative Arts and Production is a limited enrolment program, meaning only a certain number of students can be admitted per year. Completing the prerequisites in Year 1 does not guarantee admission.

A CAP major must be taken alongside another major in one of the three host faculties and can't be taken alone.

Prospective students are advised that the CAP program is still subject to final approval (it is anticipated the program will be open to student enrolment in Fall 2022).