Program Structure - HIS PhD Milestones

The following is a description of the HIS PhD Milestones diagram.

The Health information science PhD program spans 12 terms over a 4-year period. During year 1 students’ complete coursework, during year 2 the focus is coursework and comprehensive examinations. Year 3 and year 4 focus on the thesis.

Term 1 of the program begins in September and continues until the end of December. In September students are required to do an academic integrity module through SGPS. Term 2 of the program begins in January and goes until the end of April. Student Progress Report/Pathfinder is Due April 1. Term 3 begins is May an goes until the end of August. Term 4 begins in September of the second year. Term 5 starts in January and ends at April 30th. By the end of term, courses are completed (2 required and 2 electives), as well as, the comprehensive exam. By term 5 the thesis advisory committee should be set up. Pathfinder update is Due April 1 of term 5. Term 6 is between May and the end of August. Between term 4 and 6 the thesis proposal is developed. Approval of thesis proposal occurs at the end of term 6.

Between terms 7 and 11 student undergo ethics approval, data collection and analysis. Term 7 begins in September of year 3. Term 8 begins in January and extends until April 30 of the 3rd year. Data collection begins during term 8. Student progress reporting/pathfinder is Due on April 1st. Term 9 begins in May of the 3rd year and continues until the end of August. Term 10 begins in September of year 4. Term 11 begins in January of year 4. This is when writing begins. Data collection is to be completed by the end of term 11. Student progress report/pathfinder is Due April 1st of term 11. Term 12 begins in May of the 4th year and goes until August. Thesis is to be submitted by mid-June and public lecture and oral defence is completed by Aug 31st. A revised program of study is Due is no defence is scheduled for term 12.

Note: These milestone dates are approximate, and variation might occur. Check the intranet and SGPS website for more specifics.