Goals & Objectives

Data Centre

In HIS, we strive to meet three main goals

Goal 1: To provide graduate level education in the emerging discipline of Health Information Science, as consistent with the Mission Statement of the Faculties of Information and Media Studies, and of Health Sciences. In relation to Goal 1, the objectives of the HIS programs are:

  • Objective 1: to foster critical inquiry and creativity in all aspects of the program at both the master and PhD levels;
  • Objective 2: to deliver flexible and responsive degree programs, maximizing students’ opportunities for scholarly development, leadership and growth through a variety of research and study options;
Goal 2: To graduate health information specialists and scholars who engage in critical and independent thinking, display creativity, and are committed to both theory and research in the emerging area of “Health Information Science”. In relation to Goal 2, the objective of the HIS Program is:

  • Objective 1: to educate master and PhD level students who can:
    • draw valid conclusions based upon sound analysis of reliable data and analyse major problems of the discipline in a spirit of creativity and critical inquiry;
    • engage in and lead development of critical analysis of principles and techniques of research in the area;
    • understand existing and emerging sources of recorded health information in its many forms;
    • understand, through examination of relevant research, the needs of particular health user groups (e.g., health policy makers, health professionals, health vendors, patients, advocates and members of the public);
    • understand the theoretical underpinnings and current issues associated with the study and application of knowledge translation in health;
    • understand existing and emerging technologies in health information management applications / health informatics;

  • In addition, for the PhD program:
  • Objective 2: to produce scholars who can conduct independent research, and initiate and sustain their own program of research.
Goal 3: To sustain the strategic partnership between the Faculties of Information and Media Studies, and of Health Sciences in research, program delivery and service to the numerous health and information professions within their respective mandates; and to broaden these partnerships with other Faculties of the University, and beyond.

  • Objective 1: to foster opportunities for students in the new programs to participate in relevant areas of study in both participating Faculties, and in other units on campus or in the wider community, and vice versa