Emma Hicks headshotEMMA HICKS ’19 - COMMUNICATIONS ADVISOR, ROYAL BANK OF CANADA (RBC): I am currently working at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) in London, England as a Communications Advisor. I work on both internal and external communications, assisting on everything from creating newsletters and drafting press releases to building a brand internationally and writing speeches for senior executives.

I chose the MMJC program because it combined my interest in journalism, while also allowing me to develop the communication skills I wanted to foster for a long-term career. I had no plans to move abroad until MMJC, when I was offered a spot at the CBC’s internship program but it has been the best decision I’ve made in my life. MMJC taught me how to challenge myself and be confident in my capabilities; that is something I’ll value forever because I would definitely not be where I am now without it.


Alvin Yu headshotALVIN YU ’19 - ASSOCIATE PRODUCER, CBC THE NATIONAL: I completed my internship at CBC's flagship nightly newscast, The National. It was a wonderful experience where I worked with some of the best journalists in the country including one of Western University's very own, Adrienne Arsenault.

After my internship, I was hired as an associate producer for the show. MMJC prepared me very well for my CBC experience as I was able to provide well-researched pitches, suggestions for story treatments and network with people who I grew up watching. 


Robin De Angelis headshotROBIN DE ANGELIS ’17 - CULTURAL COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR, CITY OF WOODSTOCK: Journalism and communications are both about storytelling at their heart, and MMJC helped prepare me with the tools to succeed in both. During my internship at CBC Sudbury, I had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a fast-paced daily news environment. I was able to put what I learned in the classroom into practice every day and further develop my skills in writing, audio editing and social media.

After my internship, I continued to work as a casual reporter and associate with CBC for two years. I’ve since made the switch to communications, and MMJC was invaluable as I made the transition. I’ve been able to bridge my experience as a journalist, with the communications knowledge and best practices I learned through the program.


Avery Nicholson headshotAVERY NICHOLSON ’17 - ACCOUNT + DIGITAL LEAD, AVENUE PR: MMJC was an integral part of my education and truly beneficial when applying for positions within the media and communications industry. As a public relations professional, MMJC allowed me to also train as a journalist—an asset crucial to media relations. In addition to the second-to-none professional training I received, I also made lifelong connections and friendships with the people in my class.

Since graduating in 2017, I have worked as an account lead at two reputable PR agencies in Vancouver, B.C. During this time, I have executed a variety of media relations campaigns securing coverage in key outlets throughout the country. Thanks to MMJC, I was prepared and eager to enter the public relations industry.


Chloe Grande headshotCHLOE GRANDE ’16: Being a student in MMJC’s inaugural class of 2016 was the most fun I’ve ever had in school. Not only did I get to study what I love most — writing, writing and more writing — but I got a taste of everything from video production to graphic design to search engine optimization. Outside of the classroom, I took advantage of all the opportunities to attend FIMS events and network with alumni.

The hard skills I honed in the MMJC program transitioned well to my communications internship at Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Canada and subsequent internship at High Road, a Toronto-based public relations agency. I can confidently attest to the program’s success at bridging journalism and communications, as well as connecting me to some of the country’s most talented media professionals.


Rana Aladdine headshotRANA ALADDINE '16: The MMJC program was truly a great experience. By combining journalism and communications into one program, we were able to get the best of both worlds while at the same time opening doors to so many extra opportunities. The program was all the more enjoyable because of the special bond between the students and professors. Our professors were kind, lighthearted, and always willing to help. I graduated with a unique portfolio with notable work in TV, radio, and print journalism as well as communications. Alongside our memorable professors and diverse courses, we concluded our year by embarking on a semester-long internship at a company of our choice.

My internship at AM980 allowed me to put my knowledge to test and get an inside look at the real world. I had the opportunity to work as a full-time reporter, newscaster, and writer and gain techniques beyond those taught in the classroom. My internship and overall time in the MMJC program was truly a once in a lifetime educational experience and for that I am beyond grateful.


Alexie Evans headshotALEXIE EVANS '16 - CONTENT MANAGER FOR ARCANE DIGITAL INC: The MMJC program was one of the most transformative years of my life. Not only did I walk away with invaluable experience and new skills, but I also gained life-long friends and a passion for marketing that I never knew I had. I'd recommend the MMJC program to anyone who has a deep interest in either the journalism or communications field, as students will graduate equipped with an extensive understanding and appreciation of both fields. The knowledge acquired in both areas of study opens doors to twice as many job opportunities that wouldn't be accessible in a program that was focused on just journalism or just communications.


Colleen O'Toole headshotCOLLEEN O'TOOLE '16: For me, the MMJC Program meant opportunity. It allowed me to understand the separations and connections between Journalism and Communication, but also allowed me to discover where I fit into this massive field. The classes and MMJC staff members allowed me to realize my passions and what I loved to do, and it was amazing to see my classmates discover the same for themselves. The internship really solidified things for me as I had a better experience than I could have imagined. Being the Strategic Comms intern at SickKids hospital, I was able to write stories, create social media content, take photos, meet celebrity athletes, and even produce my own video by the end of the term. The MMJC Program gave me a year of skill-building, late nights in the studio, great friendships, and real-life experiences to help kick off my career.


Jennifer Faulds headshotJENNIFER FOULDS '95: The skills I learned in the graduate journalism program at Western University are the main reason why I’m now enjoying a rewarding career in Communications and Public Relations at a global non-profit organization.

Learning how to tell stories concisely that connect with audiences is really what my job is all about, especially with the growth in online and social media. And, learning to do that on a strict deadline has helped give me an advantage in a world where stories are constantly evolving.


Crystal MacKay headshotCRYSTAL MACKAY '05: Over the last decade it has become increasingly evident that it isn’t good enough anymore to be a master at your one trade. Print journalists need to also be social media experts, radio announcers have to write for the web, and media relations professionals are expected to be photographers, videographers and writers. This shifting landscape has meant an even greater need for journalists to understand the world of communications and vice versa.

Since graduating with an MA in Journalism from Western University, I have worked in a variety of roles from television news to communications and media relations. The variety of skills and knowledge that I gained at Western was integral to navigating seamlessly through these varied careers. Further strengthening the link between communications and journalism through the reinvented Master of Media in Journalism and Communication only stands to make an already strong program even stronger.


Lauren Pelley headshotLAUREN PELLEY '11: Without a doubt, Western University prepared me for a career in the rapidly changing world of journalism and communications. I honed my storytelling abilities and multimedia skills during my time in the one-year MA Journalism program in 2010-2011. Video editing, photography, feature writing, social media – we learned it all, thanks to a diverse selection of courses, an internship opportunity, and a dedicated team of instructors that I keep in touch with to this day.

Being well-rounded means I’ve transitioned easily to different newsrooms, communications departments, and freelance assignments. I’ve worked in broadcasting and public affairs, and my byline has appeared in the Toronto Star, the London Free Press, and online for the CBC. I can thank Western for giving me a solid foundation on which to build an exciting career.


Jacob Kuehn headshotJACOB KUEHN '12: Having worked in journalism and public relations after graduating, I’ve found the core production and storytelling skills I acquired in my Masters studies at Western have opened up fantastic career opportunities in both fields. After graduating, I began in an exciting position with CBC News, The National where I worked alongside some of Canada’s leading journalists.

Now that I’ve transitioned into a new communications role with Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF), I’ve found those same skills are essential in my work engaging with media and producing compelling materials for a public audience. I’m really excited by the new direction Western is taking its Masters program, as it builds on its core strengths and equips future students with the skills they need to pursue exciting careers in journalism and communications.


Katherine Low headshotKATHERINE LOW '08: My master’s degree from Western provided me with an excellent foundation for a career in journalism, but applying those same skills to my experience in communications, public relations and marketing has proven to be a keen advantage as I can employ my knowledge of both sides of the desk. The professors were experienced and engaging and they challenged us to take creative approaches to both traditional and new media.

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