Course Description

MMJC 9701 (Summer 2018)   Internship Capstone Project

Instructor: R. Smith Fullerton

Course Description

In this final project, students have an opportunity for active experimentation and to demonstrate a synthesis of course work, readings, discussions and internship experience. In a traditional MA graduate degree program, this project would be akin to a thesis. In our media- and communications-focused graduate degree, the project offers an in-depth approach to a theme or topic explored through media of the student’s choice.

Initially, each student presents a proposal to focus on an idea, and selects a medium that will anchor the piece. After receiving feedback from the instructor, students create a detailed outline, a strategy for information gathering, and a timeline for completion of the work. With additional input from members of their editorial team, and suggestions from the course instructor, students embark on their own unique projects to be presented to, and discussed with, their entire program cohort at the end of the course/program.

1.0 course