Course Description

FIMS 9328B-001 (Winter 2022)   Special Topic: Misinformation and Viral Deception

Instructor: V. Rubin

Course Description
Foundations of credibility assessment and information quality verification. Philosophical and psychological underpinnings of deceptive behaviors. Information manipulation by digital environment type (fudging, forging, spamming, trolling), format (image- or text-based), domain (communication, news provision, information organization). Best prevention guidelines for digital/off-line environments. Technological advancements in lie detection and information verification.

Course Syllabi for FIMS 9328B-001 (Winter 2022)
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Registration in this course is open to students in all FIMS graduate programs.

This course is included in the following MLIS PCA's:
- Information Organization, Curation, and Access
- Connecting People with Information
- Information and Communication Technology
MLIS students will need to request an exception to one of the above PCA's within your Program Content area at myFIMS.

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of readings, assignments, and class participation, students will be able to:
1. identify, select, acquire, organize, describe and provide access to digital information (MLIS program level learning outcome 6);
2. identify the needs of particular groups and develop digital collections and services to meet these needs (MLIS program level learning outcome 8);
3. employ appropriate technologies in digital library applications (MLIS program level learning outcome 4).