Course Description

LIS 9675B-001 (Winter 2022)   Special Topic: History of the Book & Book Preservation Basics

Instructor: A. VanderSchans

Course Description
This course addresses the history, maintenance, and preservation of books, manuscripts, and codices. Students who take this course will be able to understand the historical and technological development of the book, as well as use basic preservation skills such as creating a slip case or repairing book joints to ensure the book’s life continues.

0.5 course

Program Content Areas
Information Organization, Curation and Access

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of readings, assignments, and class participation, students will be able to:
1. Understand the historical and technological development of the book and its relevance to LIS contexts and institutions (program level learning outcome 1, 2)
2. Identify and describe historical books using conventions of descriptive bibliography (program learning outcome 7)
3. Identify and apply preservation techniques for historical books (program learning outcome 6)
MLIS Program Level Learning Outcomes
MLIS Program Goals and Objectives