Course Description

LIS 9158B-001 (Winter 2022)   Legal Issues for Information Professionals

Instructor: S. Trosow

Course Description
Law impacting the information professional will be explored (legal underpinnings of various information organizations, intellectual freedom, access, privacy, personal data protection, copyright). Consideration of such themes as professionalism and the information professional’s role in law reform, the Canadian Charter, technological innovation and the concept of information underlying current legal constructs.

Course Syllabi for LIS 9158B-001 (Winter 2022)
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Prerequisites: MLIS 9001

0.5 course

Program Content Areas
Information Organization, Curation and Access
Information Policy
Managing and Working in Information Organizations

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of readings, assignments, and class participation, students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate an awareness of professional values and standards with respect to the law and legal issues (PLLO 3);

2. Respond to legal issues in a spirit of intellectual inquiry (PLLO 1);

3. Analyze legal issues related to the profession in a spirit of creativity and critical inquiry; (PLLO 1, 5);

4. Communicate and work cooperatively and effectively with others, with respect to information-related legal issues (PLLO 9).

MLIS Program Level Learning Outcomes
MLIS Program Goals and Objectives