Course Description

LIS 9312L-650 (Summer 2021)   Special Topic: Exploring and Understanding Comics in Libraries

Instructor: L. Cedeira Serantes

Course Description
The goal of this course is to introduce students to comics within the framework of their potential use in libraries. Therefore, the study and evaluation of comics will be a major component of the course. The selected works will attempt to represent major trends, creators, and publishers and, although we will focus on the North American market, we will also discuss the European and Asian markets. We will evaluate these materials, reflect about emerging issues and their role in the context of different information environments: public, school, and academic libraries.

Course Syllabi for LIS 9312L-650 (Summer 2021)
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Prerequisites: MLIS 9003

0.5 course

Program Content Areas
Connecting People with Information

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of readings, assignments, and class participation, students will be able to:
1. Situate and understand the past and present of comics as reading material, their readers, and their place in different information environments (program level learning outcomes 1, 5);
2. Recognize the extensive and diverse production of graphic materials, especially major publishing markets, specific canonical and popular works, and key authors (program level learning outcome (program level learning outcome 8);
3. Select and evaluate comics that specifically connect with a library’s community and mission (program level learning outcome 3);
4. Critically reflect on the qualities and benefits of the form in light of the frequent challenges and stereotypes about these materials (program level learning outcomes 3, 5).
MLIS Program Level Learning Outcomes
MLIS Program Goals and Objectives