Course Description

FIMS 9241B-001 (Winter 2016)   Health, Media and Marketing

Instructor: D. Robinson

Course Description
Why and how do unhealthy products continue to be sold? What roles have marketing and media institutions played in this phenomena?  This course takes up these questions and related others via the study (historical and contemporary) of product sectors like cigarettes, alcohol, drugs (patent medicines/ pharmaceuticals), and processed-’fast’ foods, among others. We will examine the multi-dimensional roles played by manufacturers, marketers, media firms, public health advocates, and state regulators. For their major assignment, students will conduct original research and write a paper (20-25 pages) on one area of ‘unhealthy’ marketing.  

Course Syllabi for FIMS 9241B-001 (Winter 2016)
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This course is offered to Media Studies and HIS students.