Course Description

FIMS 9336B-001 (Winter 2023)   Information and Media Policy for Social Justice

Instructor: A. Centivany / J. Redden / T. Streeter

Course Description
This course is about how to do things with ideas in ways that make a difference. Largely based on real-world case studies, the course provides students with an understanding of how to conduct and mobilize research and communication processes for policy development and intervention. The course provides practical training in how to conduct policy analysis, access grey literature and conduct document analysis, draw on policy traditions and learn from previous experiences. Students will engage in projects and exercises focused on contemporary policy issues, sometimes working in groups. Outcomes might include policy recommendations, white papers, op eds, and contributions to ongoing policymaking efforts.
Much of the material will focus on Canadian case studies, though there will be room for discussions of policy issues and trends from around the world, which are becoming increasingly inseparable from local policy issues. Students will develop skills in policy analysis and research through a mixture of seminars and practicums; the latter which will engage policymakers, policy activists, and ongoing policy interventions.

This FIMS course is available to LIS PhD, and Media Studies MA and PhD students.