Course Description

FIMS 9325A-650 (Fall 2020)   Special Topic: Topics in Health Informatics

Instructor: K. Sedig

Course Description
Evidence-based healthcare (EBHC) and big data can play important roles in healthcare. EBHC’s main purpose is to increase and improve the use of evidence (i.e., data and information) by stakeholders (e.g., health practitioners, policy-makers, public health managers, etc.). As health data continues to grow, big data can also play an increasingly important role in different aspects of EBHC. Despite the emergence of these two areas, the role that health informatics (HI) can play in EBHC and the analysis, design, and evaluation of HI tools often receive little attention. HI tools permeate EBHC at every turn—e.g., data and text mining tools for evidence generation, distillation, or synthesis; decision support for incorporating evidence-based protocols into clinical workflow; or web-based visualization tools for gaining insight into patterns of data. As HI tools advance, explicit understanding of and investigation into, the relationship between HI tools and healthcare become increasingly vital.

This course explores topics related to health informatics—with particular emphasis on different areas of health informatics, HI tools, big data in healthcare, analytics methods and their role in healthcare, health data presentation, and other new developments. This course is required for MHIS students, though students in other FIMS programs are welcome to register as an elective.

Course Syllabi for FIMS 9325A-650 (Fall 2020)
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0.5 course

Learning Outcomes
  • Develop a broad understanding of different aspects and areas of health and medical informatics
  • Understand the role of big data in health informatics
  • Develop a general understanding of health data presentation and analytics
  • Become familiar with some emerging research fields, technologies, and techniques in health informatics