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DIGICOMM 3305F-001 (Fall 2022)   Special Topics in Digital Communication: Gendering Performative Capitalism

Instructor: A. Hearn

Course Description
This course explores the intersection of gender, political economy, and platform technologies. We will think about the role that gender plays in the distribution of wealth and power in an increasingly platform-mediated world. We ask, in what ways do shifts in technology reify, disrupt, or intensify gender-based inequities? What implications do platforms have for the already raced, classed, and gendered ways we live and work?

Please Note: DC 3305F is an anti-requisite to MIT 3405F/G: Special Topics in MIT: Insta-Influencers, Fembots, and On-Demand Nannies: Gendering Platform Capitalism.

3 lecture hours, 0.5 course