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Uche has a Bachelor's degree in Human Nutrition and a Master's degree in Epidemiology, and he is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the department of health information science (HIS) at Western University. Uche has over 16 years of working experience in the development aid sector, where he has led organizational monitoring and evaluation teams in strengthening the health information systems to guide decision-making in public health programs.

Uche continues to explore through his doctoral research, how the health system can ensure and sustain public and global health security, especially in poor resource settings. His doctoral research focuses on better understanding the weakness of the health information system to support responsive evidence based decision making in developing countries during an infectious disease pandemic.

The findings will not only add value to how the evidence to coordinate a pandemic response is collected, analyzed, reported and utilized, it will also provide the theoretical under-pining to support future HIS research in developing countries.  

I currently teach Global Health Assessments (GHS) 9011A course every fall term in the Global Health System Masters degree program at Western University, London Ontario.

Published Papers:

  • Christian Cossidente, Caitlin Goodman, Eshwari Nanjappan, Faris Nemat, Emily Sullo, Uche Ikenyei (2021). Improving India’s Pandemic Response through a Health Information System Reform. International Journal of Current Science Research and Review, 4(3), 230-233. Retrieved from 
  • Grilli, R., Ikenyei, U., Khan, A., Lawal, M., Mapeso, N., Ohuruogu, A., Rathod, U., Sharman, P., & Sun, R. (2020). Communication for Synergetic Coordination: A Strategy to Increase Uganda’s Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response. Global Health: Annual Review1(5), 3. Retrieved from
  • Raithby, G., De Leon, J., Karra-Aly, A., Osman, A., Boyd, C., Saini, G., Sehra, J., & Ikenyei, U. (2020). An Innovative Approach to Improve Canada’s Infectious Disease Pandemic Rapid Response in Marginalized Communities. Global Health: Annual Review1(5), 3. Retrieved from
  • Matthews, P., Nandola, R., Kamyuka, D., Gaber, Y., Shibu, S., Shakil Chouhdry, Z., Faghihi, M., & Ikenyei, U. (2020). Proposing a Proactive Risk Communication Approach to Improve Brazil’s Infectious Disease Outbreak Preparedness. Global Health: Annual Review1(5), 3. Retrieved from
  • Dare, O.O., Ikenyei, U., Obaseki, P., Afolabi, C., Jemilugba, M., Yakubu, Q. (2005). International Recruitment of Nurses: Nigerian case study. The International Development Research Center (IDRC) publication; 2005. Available at:

 Unpublished Paper:

  • Ikenyei, U., Badru, T., Aruku, C., Makumbi, M. (2012). Economic analysis of health expenditure data: An innovative decision-making tool for increasing access to HIV care and treatment in resource-poor settings. Organization Report for Management Sciences for Health’s ProACT project in Nigeria. 

Conference Oral Presentations:

  • Ikenyei, U., (2020). Diversification of research methodological approach during model enhancements in health information system research. 2020 African Western Collaboration Day event. November 18, 2020
  • Ikenyei, U., Kyabaggu, R., Ikenyei, M., (2019). The significance of fostering cross-national sharing of health information management strategies for infectious disease management. 19TH International Federation of Health Information Management Associations (IFHIMA) International Congress. Dubai, United Arab Emirate (U.A.E) (2019) (presented by Kyabaggu, R.)
  • Ikenyei, U., Kyabaggu, R., Ikenyei, M., (2018). Is the private sector well positioned to help meet unmet demand for universal health coverage in Nigeria? What does the evidence say? 5th Global Symposium on Health Systems Research Liverpool, United Kingdom October (2018)

Conference Abstracts:

  • Ikenyei, U., Badru, T., Aruku, C., Makumbi, M. (2012). Economic analysis of health expenditure data as an innovative decision-making tool for increasing access to HIV care and treatment, 2nd Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, Beijing, China (2012)
  •  Ikenyei, U. (2010). Title of Poster: Challenges in scaling up counseling and testing services: A Nigerian health systems project’s case study. 1st Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (Poster Presenter) Montreux, Switzerland (2010)
  •  Ikenyei, U., (2010). Peer to Peer community tracking as a tool for reducing defaulters and loss to follow up of HIV positive clients in a rural hospital in Northern Nigeria. XVIII International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2010) Vienna, Austria (2010)

 Webinar Presentations:

Guest Speaker:

  •  Ikenyei, U. (2021, January 28). Understanding the spread of COVID-19: A global North and South comparison. Presented to MD Candidates in the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University, London, Ontario. Canada
  •  Ikenyei, U. (2020, December 8). Epidemiology, the Global Infectious disease ‘Watch Tower.’ Presented in the foundations of Epidemiology class, Epidemiology 9551A at Western University, London, Ontario