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Dr. Susan Knabe
Associate Dean, Undergraduate
Associate Professor

FIMS & Nursing Building Room Suite 2050
Phone: 519-661-2111 x88497

FIMS & Nursing Building Room 4081
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5B7
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About Me: Jointly appointed to the Department of Women’s Studies and Feminist Research and the Faculty of Information and Media Studies.

Areas of Interest:

Critical Theory and Cultural Studies; Sexuality, Gender and Popular Culture; Feminist Theory; Queer Theory; Representation, Subjectivity and Embodiment, particularly in response to AIDS and the Holocaust; AIDS and Cultural Production; Sexuality and Citizenship (focus on race, class and ethnicity); Medicalization and the Media; Media and Resistance

Selected Publications:

"Coincidences and Likely Stories: Perverse Desire and Viral Exchange in the 'Origin' of AIDS," Colonialism and Commerce: Economies of Representation, 1790-2000, ed. Leigh Dale and Helen Gilbert (forthcoming from Ashgate);

"Corporeal Resistance/Corporeal Reconciliation: Body and Language in Kiss of the Fur Queen," Connections: Non-Native Responses to Native Canadian Literature, ed. Coomi Vevaina and Hartmut Lutz.

"Viral Migrations: Fairy Tales of Family and Nation, Death and Disease," Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction (special edition on Queer Theory)

Honours and Distinctions:

Awarded Vice-Chancellor’s Commendation for Academic Excellence for PhD thesis (Macquarie University);

SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship;

Governor General’s Gold Medal for Master’s Thesis (Trent University)

Work In Progress:

"An Inadequate Knowledge of the Duration of Other Bodies": Tracing the Affective Legacy of Genocide in AIDS Cultural Production; Moral Pan(dem)ic: Deviance and Disease in Canadian Medical Discourses on AIDS; Indigenous Film and Media in an International Context (edited collection with Wendy Pearson)

Slominska, Anita. The Hepatic Happening: Confronting Waitlist Death in Liver Transplantation
Phd in Health Information Science, April 2022
Supervisor: Susan Knabe
Allison, Kristen Leslie. Resistant Vulnerability in The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Captain America
Master of Arts in Media Studies, February 2019
Supervisor: Susan Knabe
Mitra, Saumava. Local-Global Tensions: Professional Experience, Role Perceptions and Image Production of Afghan Photojournalists Working for a Global Audience
Phd in Media Studies, October 2017
Supervisors: Jacquie Burkell and Susan Knabe
Griffin, Darcy. (Not) One of the Boys: A Case Study of Female Detectives on HBO
Master of Arts in Media Studies, September 2017
Supervisor: Susan Knabe
Spence, Jennifer. Labours Of Love: Fan Labour, Cultural Products, and the Monetization of Fandom
Master of Arts in Media Studies, August 2014
Supervisor: Susan Knabe
Raymond, Justin. Born Again Hard: Transgender Subjectivity in Paul Chadwick's Concrete
Master of Arts in Media Studies, April 2012
Supervisor: Susan Knabe
Armstrong, Breanne. Watching You, Watching Me: Representations of Female Fans and Fan Communities in Academia, News Media and Popular Culture
Master of Arts in Media Studies, August 2011
Supervisor: Susan Knabe
Rogers, James. Killer Vacations' and 'Murder Music: The Discourses of Gay Identity, Consumerism, and Race in the Gay-Dancehall Confrontation
Master of Arts in Media Studies, May 2010
Supervisor: Susan Knabe