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A Library and Information Science doctoral student, Sam’s dissertation research focuses on how public libraries can improve their communities’ resiliency during natural disasters. Utilizing a cross-national perspective as well as an integrated, intergovernmental approach, this research seeks to compare and contrast Canada’s decentralized attitude towards emergency management with the U.S.’s more centralized one in hopes of providing both practitioners and researchers with an assessment of the current state of Canadian public libraries’ overall level of emergency preparedness.

Previously, Sam has worked as both a freelance print journalist and a middle school science and visual arts teacher. An avid urban fantasy and horror writer, Sam also enjoys binge watching the news, reading graphic novels, and gardening. 

Other areas of research interest include: crisis communication, information barriers, social justice, information policy, accessibility issues, education, and human information practices.


Co-Instructor (& Co-Developer): LIS 9377: Information in Pandemics and Disasters, University of Western Ontario, May 1, 2020 - August 31, 2020.

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Vander Kooy, S. A. (2020, September-October). Preparing for the worst: An analysis of disaster response resource provision by Canadian library associations. Paper presented at Canadian Association of Information Science Conference, London, ON. 

Vander Kooy, S. A. (2020, September-October). Surveying the surveyors: An analysis of the survey response rates of librariansPaper presented at Canadian Association of Information Science Conference, London, ON.

Vander Kooy, S. A. (2019, June). Whatever it takes: A close examination of the roles and services public libraries provide during community crises. Paper presented at Canadian Association of Information Science Conference, Vancouver, BC.