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I’m a communications professional, journalist, and PhD student. 

I write extensively on Canadian and American anti-terror law, and the expansion of surveillance technology. My academic work has appeared in the peer-reviewed Western Journal of Legal Studies and my latest research conducted at the University of Cambridge will be published in the UVU Journal of National Security. My news stories created for The Canadian Press have been widely published across major news outlets such as The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, CTV News, National Post, and CBC News.

I’ve also spent several years working for the federal government. I wrote over a hundred news releases and ministerial speeches for a regional development agency called Western Economic Diversification Canada. I also organized high-profile events for cabinet ministers and other members of parliament. At Natural Resources Canada, I helped manage the largest governmental program on climate change and adaptation—an initiative representing $22-million. 

While I’m away from work and school, I travel on the cheapest fares I can find. Reach out to me if you like talking politics, journalism, mass surveillance, climate change, or Seinfeld. 

  • 2018 - Present: PhD, Media Studies
    Western University
  • 2019: International Security and Intelligence Program
    University of Cambridge
  • 2017 - 2018: Master of Media in Journalism & Communication (MMJC)
    Western University
  • • Gold medallist for achieving the highest overall standing in the program.
• Awarded $11,300 in scholarships for academic performance.
  • 2016 - 2017: Master of Arts in Political Science
    Western University
  • 2011- 2016: Honours Bachelor of Social Science with Major in Political Science (Co-op) and Minor in Sociology Cum Laude
    University of Ottawa

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Percy Sherwood, “Tracing the American State of Exception from the George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump Presidencies”, Western Journal of Legal Studies 8, no. 1 (2018), 1-19. 

Selected Professional News Stories

Percy Sherwood, “New website lets you navigate the PATH on your phone”, Toronto Star (10 July 2018).

Adina Bresge, Alex Cooke, Morgan Lowrie, Percy Sherwood, “Canadians celebrate mix of pageantry, modern twists in royal wedding”, National Post (19 May 2018).

Percy Sherwood, “World Cup final: Fans share who they’ll cheer for”, The Canadian Press (11 July 2018).

Percy Sherwood, “Supporters cheer on Doug Ford after he becomes Ontario premier”, National Post (29 June 2018).

Percy Sherwood, “ParticipAction study says exercise can help brain health for kids with autism and ADHD”, Toronto Star (19 June 2018).

Percy Sherwood, “Senators pass cannabis legalization bill”, Toronto Star (19 June 2018).

Conference Presentations

Percy Sherwood, “The fear and biopolitical control of the ‘terrorist other’”, Biopolitics in Many Ways (16 February 2019), paper presented at Ryerson University’s Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference in Toronto.

Percy Sherwood, “The ‘State of Exception’ Today: 9/11’s Revolutionary Effect on Law, War and Bodies”, Law: Stagnation, Evolution or Revolution? (18-19 May 2017), paper presented at Western Law’s Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference in London, Ont.

Percy Sherwood, “Auto-Exceptionalism”, An AUTO- Experiment (5-7 May 2017), paper presented at Acadia University’s Social and Political Thought Conference in Wolfville, N.S.

Public Lectures

Percy Sherwood, “How free is the public sphere in an era of algorithms?”, MIT 3100F: Information and the Public Sphere, (28 November 2019), presentation forthcoming at Western University in London, Ont.

Percy Sherwood, “‘The System was blinking red’: Was 9/11 an intelligence failure?”, POL 9759A: War on Terror, (18 September 2019), presentation delivered at Western University in London, Ont.

Percy Sherwood, “Tracing the American State of Exception in the ‘War on Terror’ from Bush, Obama, to Trump”, Electro-Governance Group Speaker Series (8 March 2019), keynote lecture delivered at Western University in London, Ont.

Poster Presentations

Percy Sherwood, “Terrorism and Biopolitics”, Western Research Forum (22 March 2019), poster presented at Western University in London, Ont.

Percy Sherwood, “What is Canada’s Climate Change Adaptation Platform?”, Canada in a Changing Climate (22 October 2014), poster presented at Natural Resources Canada in Ottawa. 

Featured in the News

Richard Joseph, “Percy Sherwood: the pragmatic idealist”, The Western Gazette (3 December 2017), <>.

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Western University, 2019-20, $15,000.
  • Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award, Western University, 2019, $500.
  • Travel Subsidy, Society of Graduate Students, 2019, $500.
  • Western Graduate Research Scholarship, Western University, 2018-19, $20,067.
  • J.B. McGeachy Gold Medal and Prize in Journalism, Western University, 2018, $800.
  • The London CAC/Rogers Cable T.V. Student Research Awards in Journalism, Western University, 2018, $1,600.
  • Norman Jewison Admission Scholarship in Journalism, Western University, 2017, $5,000.
  • Mary Helen Sweeney Scholarship, Western University, 2017, $4,600.
  • Susan Kennedy Grant Memorial Entrance Scholarship, Western University, 2017, $900.
  • Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award, Western University, 2017, $500.
  • Travel Subsidy, Society of Graduate Students, 2017, $500.
  • Western Graduate Research Scholarship, Western University, 2016-2017, $17,900.
  • Dean’s Honour List, University of Ottawa, 2016.
  • Director of Communications’ Special Recognition, Western Economic Diversification Canada, 2016.
  • Merit Award, Natural Resources Canada, 2014.
  • University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship, University of Ottawa, 2011, $4,000.