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Pam McKenzie

FIMS & Nursing Building Room 2050
Phone: 519-661-2111 x88514

University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5B7
Fax: 519-661-3506
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I'm on Sabbatical until June 2020 so am not teaching or supervising any guided research or individual study projects in the 2019-20 academic year.

Research: I have two active research projects at the moment. The first is a study of everyday recordkeeping: how people "keep track" of things in their lives. This study was funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. I'm embarking on a new a pilot study of how people value public libraries, and I hope to expand this into a larger project during my 2019-20 sabbatical.

LIS 501 Perspectives on Library and Information Science 2007 Summer LIS 503 Information Sources and Services 2003 Fall , 2002 Fall , 2002 Summer , 2001 Fall (2 sections) , 2000 Fall (2 sections) , 2000 Summer , 1999 Fall LIS 504 Research Methods and Statistics 2007 Summer , 2007 Winter , 2006 Fall , 2005 Fall , 2005 Summer , 2004 Fall , 2004 Summer , 2003 Summer , 2002 Fall , 2002 Summer LIS 541 Canadiana 2001 Summer , 2000 Winter , 1998 Summer LIS 584 Consumer Health Information Sources and Services 2006 Summer , 2003 Summer LIS 675 Collection Development 2001 Summer LIS 692 Special Topic: Consumer Health Information Sources and Services 2000 Summer LIS 771 Knowledge Practices in Scholarly and Professional Communities 2006 Summer (2 sections) LIS 871 Knowledge Practices in Scholarly and Professional Communities 2005 Summer , 2004 Summer LIS 9004 Research Methods and Statistics 2016 Fall , 2016 Winter , 2009 Fall LIS 9005 Managing and Working in Information Organizations 2016 Fall , 2014 Summer , 2013 Fall LIS 9323 Business and Industry Information 2018 Fall LIS 9500 Special Topic: Capstone Pilot 2017 Fall LIS 9513 Organizational Behaviour: Theory and Practice 2013 Winter LIS 9801 Advanced Research Methods 1 2017 Fall LIS 9809 Advanced Research Methods 2012 Fall , 2011 Fall , 2010 Fall

Williams, Sherilyn. Strategic and Subversive: The Case of the Disappearing Diaphragm and Women’s Information Practices
Phd in Library and Information Science, August 2019
Supervisor: Pam McKenzie
Nicholson, Karen. Academic Librarians and the Space/Time of Information Literacy, the Neoliberal University, and the Global Knowledge Economy
Phd in Library and Information Science, December 2018
Supervisor: Pam McKenzie
Dalmer, Nicole K. Informing Care: Mapping the Social Organization of Families’ Information Work in an Aging in Place Climate
Phd in Library and Information Science, November 2018
Supervisor: Pam McKenzie
Melis, Rachel. Information Freedoms and the Case for Anonymous Community
Phd in Library and Information Science, July 2018
Supervisor: Pam McKenzie
Loughheed, Janet. A Foucauldian Genealogical Analysis of Healthy Eating Educational Materials in Ontario 1942-2015
Master of Health Information Science, February 2018
Supervisor: Pam McKenzie
Del Pino, Alan. The Representation of the Canadian Government's Warrantless Domestic Collection of Metadata in the Canadian Print News Media
Master of Arts in Media Studies, October 2017
Supervisors: Jacquie Burkell and Pam McKenzie
Rotstein, Cari. Online Social Breast-Working: Representations of Breast Milk Sharing in the 21st Century
Master of Arts in Media Studies, December 2012
Supervisors: Pam McKenzie and Romayne Smith Fullerton