FIMS Profile

Nicole K Dalmer

FIMS & Nursing Building Room 4094
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5B7
Fax: 519-661-3506

Research Interests
I'm a fifth year PhD Candidate in the Library and Information Science program at The University of Western Ontario. My SSHRC-funded, institutional ethnographic doctoral research examines the often-invisible information work done by family caregivers of older adults. I'm particularly interested in examining the intersection of information work and caring work; exploring the information-related work needed to care for an aging family member and the degree to which this work is recognized or obscured in aging in place policy and discourse. Ultimately, I aim to draw attention to the work involved in seeking, sharing and understanding information needed to provide care, information that is often scattered and fragmented across organizations and services. Wearing my other research hat, I also study and advocate for the development of more responsive public library services for aging populations. Please be in touch through email ( or Twitter (@ndalmer).

Dalmer, N. K., Stooke, R., & McKenzie, P. (2018). Institutional ethnography: A sociology for librarianship. Library and Information Research, 41(125), 45-60.
Dalmer, N. (2017). Mind the Gap: Towards the Integration of Critical Gerontology in Public Library Praxis. Journal of Critical Library and Information Studies, 1(1).
Dalmer, N. (2017). Social media: Evolving assessments of online health information reliability. Journal of the Medical Library Association, 105(1), 61-68.
McKechnie, L. E., Chabot, R., Dalmer, N., Julien, H., & Mabbott, C. (2016). Writing and reading the results: The reporting of research rigour tactics in information behaviour research as evident in the published proceedings of the biennial ISIC conferences, 1996-2014. Information Research, 21(4).
Dalmer, N. (2013). Health literacy promotion: Contemporary conceptualizations and current implementations in Canadian health librarianship. Journal of the Canadian Health Library Association, 34(1), 12-16.
Dalmer, N. (2012). Women in archives: Present contexts and future implications. Feliciter, 58(4), 26-28.

Teaching & Instruction
LIS 9373 (Services and Materials for an Aging Population): September to December 2016 at the Faculty of Information and Media Studies, The University of Western Ontario
LIS 9315 (Collection Management - Online): May to August 2015 at the Faculty of Information and Media Studies, The University of Western Ontario
EDPY 597 (Introduction to Methods in Educational Research): July 2013 at the Faculty of Education, University of Alberta

My research was recently highlighted in Western's campaign "Against the Dying Light", that features the many UWO students, faculty, and community members working across the spectrum of dementias
I published a guest blog for the International Network for Critical Gerontology, calling for the need to integrate elements of critical gerontology into library practice, education and theory.
I chatted about LIS 9373 and services/programming for older adults on LIS Annex, a podcast about LIS trends and practices.
My research was also featured on the site.