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PhD Candidate in the Health Information Science Department at FIMS. I have studied a broad range of fields since graduating high school. I have a Certificate in Performing Arts from George Brown College, a Diploma in Computer Networking from Seneca College, an Undergraduate Degree in Sociology from York University, a Masters Degree in Public Policy, Administration and Law from York University, and a Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice System Administration from York University. 
Graduate Teaching Assistant (MIT1020): 2017 - 2019
My research explores the role of news media in shaping policies and policy discussions at the Federal government level, particularly in the area of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). 


MacGregor, J. C. D., Naeemzadah, N., Oliver, C. L., Javan, T., MacQuarrie, B. J., & Wathen, C. N (2020). Women’s Experiences of the Intersections of Work and Intimate Partner Violence: A Review of Qualitative Research. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse.

Wathen, C.N., Canas, E., Naeemzadah, N. Gender-based violence: Myths & what to do about them. Abstract submitted for the Nursing Network on Violence Against Women International Conference, Malmo, Sweden, July 2020 (Conference cancelled due to Covid-19).

Le Ber, M.J., Zendo, S., Lewis, A., Naeemzadah, N. (2019, September 16-18). Mobilizing Narratives for Policy and Social Change. EconoUS 2019, London, ON, Canada.

Le Ber, M. J., Berman, H., Hand, C., Hubert, P., Jastrabo, J., Kothari, A., Lewis, A., Lewkowitz, S., Naeemzadah, N., Oudshoorn, A., Pitre, L., Rudman, D., Salter, K., Simpson, S.,    Steinburg, N., Wiley, L., & Zendo, S. (2020, June 24–26). Mobilizing narratives for policy and social change. Qualitatives 2020, London, Ontario, Canada.

Le Ber, M. J., Zendo, S., Lewis, A., Salter, K., Simpson, S., Naeemzadah, N., Lewkowitz, S., Berman, H., Hand, C., Hubert, P., Jastrabo, J., Kothari, A., Oudshoorn, A., Pitre, L., Rudman, D., Steinburg, N., & Wiley, L. (2020, May 30-June 5). Mobilizing narratives for policy & social change: How advocacy organizations can transform inequality [Panel presentation]. Congress 2020, Association for Nonprofit and Social Economy Research (ANSER-ARES), London, Ontario, Canada.