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Meghan is a PhD student in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies, with a focus on Media Cultures. Her research interests include gamification, the study of apps and social media, as well as examining the types of discourse that emerge from them to inform everyday life and culture. Her other research interests include cultural theory, discourse analysis, and global flows in media (specifically in international music). Her previous projects have focused on examining the visible implementation of gamification elements in mobile dating apps and their relation to sustaining user engagement, as well as examining social platforms such as LinkedIn as virtual spaces which perpetuate neoliberal tendencies. 

Meghan is originally from Branchton, Ontario. She holds a Master of Arts from Wilfrid Laurier University in Communication and Media Studies, as well as an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English: Literature and Rhetoric from the University of Waterloo.

MIT 2200G: Mapping Media & Cultural Theory

January 2022-May 2022

Supervisor: Dr. Joanna Redden

Role: Teaching Assistant

  • Managed and mentored 25 students through weekly tutorial classes, and if required, online Zoom sessions during COVID-19 surges. This work included grading assessments, recording attendance, and holding office hours, as well as responding to student questions and concerns about course content.
  • Developed engaging and education content for weekly tutorial classes and sessions, as well as managed semester tutorial page on OWL, related to that week's lecture discussions and readings.
  • Attended and contributed to weekly lectures and advised supervisor on student progress throughout term.

MIT 2500: The Meaning of Technology

January 2020--May 2021

Supervisor: Dr. Thomas Streeter

Role: Teaching Assistant

  • Monitored 5 student participation forums for questions, concerns, and participation on OWL. 
  • Answered and Managed tutorial groups throughout the duration of the term. This work included grading all assignments and exams, answering e-mail query responses, hosting office hour or special student drop-in sessions, and providing extra tutoring if requested by student. 
  • Attended meetings with and developed strategies for online engagement with Teaching Assistant team in weekly-led meetings alongside supervisor.  

DC 2309A: Digital Media Marketing Fundamentals 

September 2020--December 2020, September 2021-December 2021

Supervisor: Erin Isings 

Role: Teaching Assistant 

  • Attended lectures and weekly meetings with supervisor to discuss course content, and devise strategies, assignments, and methods for enhancing engagement in a previously "in-person" lecture.
  • Aided devising new and engaging assignments to test student knowledge towards end of term.
  • Held office hours and grade disputing sessions with supervisor to attend to student concerns and questions.
  • Held special office hours during busy seasons of the course. 
  • Marked student papers, projects, and other assignments, and recorded weekly Zoom attendance.

Do You Accept These Conditions?: Data Ethics on Mobile Dating Apps

April 2022

  • Informal Talk given to MMJC (Media Master's in Journalism & Communications) class regarding data ethics in End-User Licensing Agreements and Terms of Service Agreements on mobile dating apps.
  • Discussion of how user-data is shared, monetized, and traversed in unclear and complex pathways online, and ethical concerns related to this sharing.