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“The only boundaries which define the teenage years are
boundaries of exclusion which define
what young people are not, cannot do or cannot be”
(Valentine, Skelton & Chambers 1998, p.5).

Research focus

My primary research lies at the intersection of young adults, reading, and public libraries, with an emphasis on reading practices related to comics. I am interested in the interplay between identity, culture, and social structures to study the complexity of an everyday activity such as reading for pleasure.

Teaching focus

My research interests materialize in a series of teaching topics: Teen Media; Public Libraries; Reading and Literacies; Reference and Information Services. In 2018 I participated in the Library Freedom Institute, an experience that expanded and consolidated my interest and education in topics of privacy and surveillance.

My goal as an instructor is encourage a combination of reflection and self-reflection in future information professionals, in an attempt to cultivate responsible and critical practitioners. These future LIS professionals will be actors rather than reactors, regardless of the institutions they choose to work at.

Selected publications and presentations

  • Cedeira Serantes, L. (2019) Young People, Comics and Reading: Exploring a Complex Reading Experience. Elements series on Publishing and Book Culture. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Cedeira Serantes, L. (2019). Misfits, loners, immature students, reluctant readers: Librarianship participates in the construction of teen comics readers. In Anthony Bernier (Ed.), Transforming young adult services. 2nd ed. New York: Neal-Schuman.
  • Cedeira Serantes, L. (2018) The possibilities of comics reading: Uncovering a situated and complex reading experience in Canada. In Evelyn Arizpe and Gabrielle Cliff Hodges (Eds.), Young people reading: Empirical research across international contexts (pp. 19-38). London: Routledge. “The highly commended, runner-up” in the 2019 UKLA Academic Book Awards.
  • Cedeira Serantes, L. and Amie Wright. (2018). Understanding Canadian Comics: Collection Development and Teaching with CanCon. Keynote at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival Librarian & Educator Day. May 11.
  • Cedeira Serantes, L. (2018) Comics and graphic novels. Contribution in Ross, Catherine Sheldrick, Lynne McKechnie, and Paulette Rothbauer. Why reading still matters (pp. 128-124). Westport, Conn: Libraries Unlimited.
  • Cedeira Serantes, L. (2017). The reader as a ‘sedimented construct’: The processes of discovering, sharing, and archiving the reader-self. Paper presented at The Seventh Biannual Reception Study Society Conference Celebrating Forty Years of Feminist Reception. St. Catherine University, St. Paul, MN. September 21-23.
  • Balling, Gitte; Lucía Cedeira Serantes; Marianne Martens. (2017). “Young adult readers and technologies of the book: A transnational look at media ecologies beyond the print vs. digital dichotomy.” Panel presented at Technologies of the Book. SHARP 2017. Victoria, BC. June 9-12.
  • Cedeira Serantes, L. (2016). When comics set the pace: The experience of time and the reading of comics. In P. Rothbauer, K. I. Skjerdingstad, L. McKechnie, and K. Oterholm (Eds.) Plotting the Reading Experience: Theory, Practice, Politics (pp. 217-232). Waterloo: Ontario Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

LIS 9003 Information Sources and Services 2020 Winter , 2013 Fall , 2012 Fall LIS 9312 Special Topic: Exploring and Understanding Comics in Libraries 2020 Summer , 2013 Winter , 2010 Summer LIS 9364 Young Adult Materials 2020 Fall , 2019 Fall , 2013 Winter LIS 9378 Special Topic: Information in the Age of Planet Google 2020 Summer