FIMS Profile

Lucia Cedeira Serantes

“The only boundaries which define the teenage years are
boundaries of exclusion which define
what young people are not, cannot do or cannot be”
(Valentine, Skelton & Chambers 1998, p.5).

Research statement

My primary research is focused on young adult readers and comics reading. This focus clearly informs my overall scholarly project: youth as complex information users who consume and produce media products for leisure or work in a digital society. I seek to break those restrictive boundaries and see what youth is, what they can do and what they can become. This approach to youth inspires me to follow multiple facets emerging from the connection between youth and media. For instance, concepts such as Jenkins’ transmedia (2006), Radway’s narrative gleaning (2002) and Mackey’s pirates and poachers (2008) have proved essential to defining and evolving my position on the reading experience. These concepts challenge traditional ideas of reading and position the role of reader (in many cases young readers) as not just a consumer of texts but also producer and active seeker of diverse narratives. In this way, reading is a tangled experience where readers have to seek texts and complete narratives independently of publication outputs (digital, print, audiovisual, text, multimedia…). Furthermore, the library becomes one of many sites (school, home, commercial spaces, and digital environments) where teenagers have the opportunity to experience reading.

Teaching statement

Regarding my teaching experience, I have been a workshop facilitator, teaching assistant and course instructor. As a teaching assistant, I have worked primarily in two graduate courses: Information Sources and Services and Organization of Information. Besides these two courses, my comprehensive LIS education qualifies me to teach in other requires areas such as Foundations or Information Seeking Behaviour. As an instructor, I have designed and taught the course Exploring and Understanding Comic Books and Graphic Novels in Libraries. Although I have not taught courses on Readers Advisory or Youth Services courses, I am actively and keenly interested in them. I have collaborated actively with these courses instructors and have been invited several times to participate as a guest lecturer to discuss about the intersection of those topics and comics. I have also worked as a teaching assistant for undergraduate courses, thus I have experienced a different set of challenges in classroom management and course content delivery.