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Trained as a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation practitioner, Kris Essosola Eale specialized in Public health (MPH). I am currently a PhD student in Health Information Science (HIS). Considering my love for Public Health, I cannot help but continue to accept work as a part-time Public Health consultant in my free time.

Prior to joining Western University’s PhD program, I extensively worked (Over 13 years) as a Public Health Expert with  an extended focus on HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, Cancer and children vaccine preventable diseases in 16 countries throughout Africa and the Caribbean (Haiti) for a wide range of clients, including: USAID, PEPFAR, FHI 360, The Global Fund, WHO, UNICEF, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF), Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa (BMIA), African Union (PACA), European development agencies, and numerous other African governments and international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

I am bringing to the PhD program a solid track record of my work as an applied researcher "Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning expert". I extensively worked in:

  1. Performance monitoring, this include the development of results, indicators, and design of data management systems (including recording and reporting tools, data quality reviews, and performance reporting) to track and measure Public Health programs progress
  2. Program/outcome evaluations and performance audits, including data quality audits and reviews mostly in the health sector but also landed my expertise to projects in agriculture, social development, and energy sectors.
  3. Capacity building and training program staff based on evaluation findings and learning, I design capacity building activities and courses to strengthen programs data management and implementation systems. 
  4. Technical support/Assistance for program design and implementation, including activities-related health systems strengthening, leading operational research studies to support programs implementation, epidemiologic surveillance, and disease control in the context of children’s vaccination programs.

Exploring how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can be used to enhance Public health programs implementation is the reason why I joined Western PhD program.  

I am a full bilingual French-English,  capable of working in both languages.


Western HIS Teaching Assistantships:

Health Program Evaluation (9012) Winter 2023

Course Description: Course Description: This course provides students with foundational knowledge of program evaluation theory and practice in the context of health systems. The stages of the evaluation process are examined through module-based learning and applied in experiential activities. Students are provided a framework for designing an evaluation plan for a relevant health program. Through the course materials and learning activities, students will gain knowledge, skill, and appreciation of the essential elements of program evaluation in healthcare settings.

Independent Teaching

Faculty member at Encompass Learning Center,  teaching Data Quality Fundamentals

Module 1: Introduction to Data Quality
This module presents the rationale for enhancing data quality, and introduces core data quality terminology and criteria, and common data quality issues and risks.

Module 2: Data Management Systems

The second module focuses on the data management systems (DMS) that produce and report data. We will discuss how to structure the DMS for routine reporting and research/evaluation to enhance data quality. We will look at data management concepts and best practices, and introduce approaches to correcting errors in M&E data sets.

Module 3: Data Quality Assessments/Audit (DQAs)
The final module presents the methodology for data quality assessments/audits (DQAs) – whether internal or external – including how to verify the accuracy/precision of data and how to assess the data management system for structural risks that may compromise data quality.


Journal Articles

  1.  Principal Investigator: Kris, Eale E., and Mphuthi David. "Perceptions of Parents/Guardians About the Effectiveness of Future Families Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programme in Olievenhoutbosch, South Africa." Global Journal of Health Science 12.4 (2020): DOI:10.5539/gjhs.v12n4p20 from
  2. Principal Investigator: Eale E. Kris, Nwafor S. Uchenna, Carole Metekoua, Mary P. Selvaggio and Ladi-Akinyemi Babatunde O (2022): Sensitivity and Specificity of the HIV Risk Assessment Tool Used by PEPFAR Partners in Edo, Bayelsa and Lagos States, Nigeria. Global Journal of Health Science, Vol. 14, No. 12 (2022): DOI:10.5539/gjhs.v14n12p39 from  
  3.  Principal Investigator:  Eale E. Kris & Nwafor S. Uchenna & Carole Metekoua & Mary P. Selvaggio & Ladi-Akinyemi Babatunde O, 2022. "Predictors of Lost to Follow Up (LTFU) among HIV Positive Patients Enrolled in 70 PEPFAR Supported Treatment Facilities in Edo, Bayelsa and Lagos States, Nigeria," Global Journal of Health Science, Canadian Center of Science and Education, vol. 14(11), pages 1-13, November. DOI:10.5539/gjhs.v14n12p39: from


L'évaluation en contexte de développement, enjeux, approches et pratiques , under Lynda Rey, Jean Serge Quesnel and Vénétia Sauvain (2022), ENAP, Les Éditions JFD inc. CP 15 Succ. Rosemont Montréal (Québec). Kris Eale authored two chapters:

  • Chapitre 4: L’identification des parties prenantes en évaluation
  • Chapitre 14: L’implication des parties prenantes en évaluation 

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