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Hello Reader, 

I hope you're having a wonderful day. My name is JP, which is short for Jasvinder Paul. I have a Bachelor of Science in Behaviour Cognition and Neuroscience and a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration, obtaining 2 specializations, the first in Supply Chain and Data Analytics and the second in Finance. Both of those undergrads are from the University of Windsor. I also have a Master of Science in Business Analytics here from the Ivey Business School, and throughout my time there, I found myself taking Information Ethics at FIMS, which led me to this great faculty to get my PhD in Library and Information Science (LIS). (If you're curious about the jumps in disciplines, I got a story to tell you over a coffee chat.)

This year, I am President of the LIS Doctoral Student Association, I also serve as a member of the Senate Committee for University Planning (SCUP) and do my best to stay as involved as I can to make our faculty and university a better place. My research focuses on Cybersecurity, AI, Policy, Repair and Auto-theft. I've attached my LinkedIn if you'd like to obtain more details about me:

Fun fact: I used to be a medic on the University of Windsor's Student Medical Response Service for several years, and it was undoubtedly one of the most impactful and fun positions I've ever done. A part of me still wants to become a paramedic, nurse, or physician just to positively impact patients directly.

Please reach out to me anytime to talk about school, work or life! And I mean it I love getting to know people, so I genuinely implore you to reach out, you're probably pretty cool if you're still reading this. 

Stay Awesome!