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Dr. Jacquie Burkell

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University of Western Ontario
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One of my main teaching areas is research methods, both at the graduate (MLIS) and undergraduate (MIT) levels. My approach in these courses is to teach students to give them the skills to be active consumers as well as producers of empirical research. I also teach undergraduate and graduate courses in human-computer interface design, along with undergraduate courses examining the social aspects of computing and the impact of information presentation on interpretation and use.

Research Interests
My research focuses on the interaction between users and information, with particular emphasis on the influence of cognition on information use. Specific aspects of this research include examinations of information credibility assessment, the use of information in decision making, and human-computer interface design. Current projects include a review of the impact of decision-making heuristics and biases on the interpretation of health information for patients participating in health decisions.

FIMS 9855 Social Contexts of Health Information: A Critical Review of Theory and Research 2019 Winter , 2018 Winter LIS 504 Research Methods and Statistics 2006 Fall , 2005 Fall , 2004 Fall , 2003 Fall , 2002 Fall , 2001 Fall , 2000 Fall (2 sections) , 1999 Fall , 1998 Fall (2 sections) , 1997 Fall LIS 558 Database Management Systems and Programming 1999 Winter LIS 693 Special Topic: Human-Computer Interface Design 2000 Winter LIS 712 Special Topic: Cognitive Perspectives on Information Design 2004 Winter , 2002 Fall LIS 861 Cognitive Aspects of Information System Design and Use 1998 Winter LIS 9004 Research Methods and Statistics 2012 Fall , 2012 Winter , 2011 Fall , 2011 Winter , 2010 Fall , 2009 Fall , 2008 Fall LIS 9320 Consumer Health Information Sources and Services 2012 Fall , 2011 Fall , 2011 Winter , 2010 Winter , 2009 Winter , 2008 Fall LIS 9345 Information Use and Usable Information 2010 Winter LIS 9809 Advanced Research Methods 2016 Fall , 2016 Winter , 2015 Winter , 2014 Winter LIS 9863 Special Topic: Informing Decision Making 2010 Winter LIS 9865 Special Topic: Analyzing Media Messages 2012 Winter , 2011 Winter MIT 203 The Matter of Technology 2008 Winter , 2005 Fall , 2005 Winter MIT 2500 The Meaning of Technology: Exploring the Relationship Between Technology & Society 2009 Winter MIT 301 Designing and Critiquing Research Methods 2005 Winter MIT 4039 Special Topics in MIT: Analyzing Media Messages 2013 Winter MIT 433 Information, Persuasion & Propaganda: Human Issues in Information Design 2006 Winter MS 9273 Analyzing Media Messages 2012 Winter , 2011 Winter

Ridley, Michael. Folk Theories, Recommender Systems, and Human-Centered Explainable Artificial Intelligence (HCXAI)
Phd in Library and Information Science, December 2022
Supervisors: Jacquie Burkell and Paulette Rothbauer
Gosse, Chandell. More barriers than solutions: Women's experiences of support with online abuse
Phd in Media Studies, February 2021
Supervisor: Jacquie Burkell
Murdoch, Alexandra. Analyzing the Communication Methods of Crisis Pregnancy Centres: A Conventional Content Analysis
Master of Health Information Science, December 2020
Supervisor: Jacquie Burkell
Secco, Mary. Ongoing Information and Support Needs of Parents of Children with Epilepsy
Master of Health Information Science, August 2020
Supervisor: Jacquie Burkell
Huynh, Hung. Post-Secondary Students’ Perceptions of Mental Health Messages Conveyed by Video Storytelling and Informational Approaches
Master of Health Information Science, August 2019
Supervisor: Jacquie Burkell
Jordan, Adam. Exploring Healthcare Consumer Involvement in Clinical Practice Guideline Development
Master of Health Information Science, August 2019
Supervisors: Jacquie Burkell and Abe Oudshoorn
Del Pino, Alan. The Representation of the Canadian Government's Warrantless Domestic Collection of Metadata in the Canadian Print News Media
Master of Arts in Media Studies, October 2017
Supervisors: Jacquie Burkell and Pam McKenzie
Mitra, Saumava. Local-Global Tensions: Professional Experience, Role Perceptions and Image Production of Afghan Photojournalists Working for a Global Audience
Phd in Media Studies, October 2017
Supervisors: Jacquie Burkell and Susan Knabe
Thom, Jessica. Believing the News: Exploring How Young Canadians Make Decisions About Their News Consumption
Phd in Media Studies, October 2016
Supervisor: Jacquie Burkell
Britten, Charlotte. Finding Your Way: Navigating Online News and Opinions
Master of Arts in Media Studies, August 2016
Supervisor: Jacquie Burkell
Fortier, Alexandre. Different Approaches for Different Folks
Phd in Library and Information Science, June 2016
Supervisor: Jacquie Burkell
Zhang, Karl. Semantics-based Automatic Quality Assessment of Depression Treatment Web Documents
Phd in Library and Information Science, February 2013
Supervisors: Jacquie Burkell and Robert Mercer
Micheti, Anca. Epidemics and their Meanings: Representations of SARS in Canadian Newspapers
Master of Arts in Media Studies, July 2006
Supervisor: Jacquie Burkell
Wong, Anna. Representation of the Self in Online Chat Rooms: Identity Play
Master of Arts in Media Studies, August 2005
Supervisors: Jacquie Burkell and Catherine L. Ross
West, Peter. Perceptions of 'Anonymity' Online: Exploring the Concept of Anonymity in an Online Context from the Perspective of the Individual Experiencing It
Master of Arts in Media Studies, September 2004
Supervisor: Jacquie Burkell