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Effie Sapuridis is a Media Studies PhD student in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at Western University. She holds a Master’s degree in English literature from the University of Massachusetts Boston. Her work centers on digital media, online fan communities and fan works, particularly fan fiction. More specifically, her work examines online youth spaces and fan works alongside children’s and young adult literature. Currently, she is working on a project which aims to understand the emancipatory potential of fan communities, centered around fan fiction, within the contemporary socio-political context. Through this project, she aims to understand whether these sites of participatory culture and inclusion are reimagining and activating resistance to counteract the rise of authoritarian populism in the world. Her work has been published in Transformative Works and Cultures 

Additionally, she is the founder and editor of Fterota Logia, an online young adult literary magazine which aims to encapsulate the essence of young adult literature, while also providing a space for open discussion and theorizing of the genre. 

During the years between completing an MA and beginning her PhD, she worked as a research assistant for Dr. Chris Marquis at Cornell and Harvard, working on case studies for the Harvard Kennedy School, while also researching and drafting a monograph on B Lab and B Corporations.  



Sapuridis, Effie. “Gendered Fairy Tale Heroics: Ginny Weasley in The Source.” Transformative Works and Cultures, vol. 30, 2019, doi:10.3983/twc.2019.1687.


Marquis, Chris and Effie Sapuridis. Danone North America: The World’s Largest B Corporation. Boston: Harvard Kennedy School Case Program, 2019.



Sapuridis, Effie. "Crafting Daphne Greengrass in Fanon: An Analysis of the Creation of a Minor Role Character through Fanfiction." Fan Studies Network North America, 24 October 2019, DuPaul University, Chicago, IN. Poster Session.



Sapuridis, Effie. "Pureblood for a Day: Fetishization of Wealth and the Subversion of Heteronormative Romance Tropes in Harry Potter Fanfiction." Popular Culture Association of Canada, 2020, Montreal QC. Conference Presentation.


Sapuridis, Effie. "My Blood Status is Purer than Yours!: Constructing a (Problematic) Hyperreality within Fanfiction and Fandom Communities." Canadian Communication Association, 2020, London ON. Conference Presentation. 


 Sapuridis, Effie. ""So Much More Romantic!": Anne Shirley, the hyperreal troubadour, and Romantic Victorian Medievalism in Anne of Green Gables." Canadian Society of Medievalists, 2020, London ON. Conference Presentation.


PSAC 610 Union Steward 2019-2020