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Eduard Sviridenko

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Eduard Sviridenko is a Ph.D. student in Media Studies at Western University. His research, supervised by Dr. Daniel Robinson and supported by the SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship and the Joint Initiative for Digital Citizen Research, delves into the complexities of Russian propaganda in the Ukrainian war. His academic interests lie at the intersection of political communication, mis/disinformation, and media persuasion.

Before embarking on his Ph.D., Eduard earned his M.A. and B.A. in Linguistics at Western University and Kazan Federal University, respectively. His scholarly work, focusing on political communication and discourse analysis, has been published in a number of academic platforms. Eduard has also had the opportunity to present his work at various conferences and has been fortunate to receive several scholarships.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Eduard has held professional positions at Western University, McMaster University, and Columbia International College. He also assisted students applying to medical schools, utilizing his expertise as an Academic Consultant with BeMo Academic Consulting. Currently, he guides Western University students as a Senior Writing Advisor at the Writing Support Centre.

In his free time, Eduard enjoys composing music, gaming, watching TV shows, cooking, and travelling.