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I am host and creator of Theory & Philosophy a YouTube channel and Podcast dedicated to the distribution of ideas: 

I study the intersection of conspiracy theories and truth. Some important questions I ask are: Do conspiracy theories trouble truth? What can conspiracy theories tell us about the people that use them? How are conspiracy theories productive


Refereed contributions:

Guignion, David. “Jordan Peterson and the (F)law of ‘Scientific Inquiry’: A Critical Evaluation of Peterson’s Use of Science and Philosophy in His Conquest Against Social Justice.” Politikon 41. 7-23. June 2019.

Guignion, David and Hélène Bigras-Dutrisac (Translators): Baril, Alexandre. “Gender Identity Trouble: An Analysis of the Underrepresentation of Trans* Professors in Canadian Universities.” Chiasma 5. 90-128. May 2019.

Guignion, David. “Software and the Simulacrum.” Canadian Society of Continental Philosophy. Conference, 26th- 28th September, 2019. Bishop’s University, Lennoxville, Québec, Canada.

Guignion, David. “Baudrillard’s Binaries: A Politics of Antagonism.” Interstudia 25. 2019, 20 p.