FIMS Profile

Daniel Robinson

FIMS & Nursing Building Room 4057
Phone: 519-661-2111 x86669

University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5B7
Fax: 519-661-3506


My main teaching areas encompass advertising, consumption, controversial product marketing, and media history. The MIT courses I offer include: Advertising's Century (MIT 3325) and Consumerism and Advertising (MIT 4034)

I also teach in the Media Studies M.A. Program ("Research, Writing & Argumentation").


Recently, my research has dealt with the marketing and advertising of cigarettes in Canada. Recent publications in this vein include:

-Cigarette Nation: Business, Health, and Canadian Smokers, 1930-1975 (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2021)

-“Imperial Tobacco, Market Research, and Canadian Teens, 1960-1988,” in Kyle Asquith, ed., Advertising, Consumer Culture, and Canadian Society (Oxford University Press, 2018), 53-70

-“Cigarette Marketing and Smoking Culture in 1930s-era Canada,” Journal of the Canadian Historical Association, 25, 1 (June 2015), 63-105

I'm currently at work on a book-length project exploring the cultural and business history of youth smoking and vaping from the 1970s until 2020.

I have a general interest in the historical development of mass media and processes of commercialization. These themes are taken up in my edited book, Communication History in Canada, (Oxford University Press, 2004; 2nd ed. 2009), and in the co-edited book (with Gene Allen), Communicating in Canada's Past: Approaches to the History of Print and Broadcast Media, (University of Toronto Press, 2009), along with the article: “’Part of the University Lexicon’: Marketing and Ontario Universities,” Canadian Journal of Communication, 38, 4 (2013), 563-584 (and L. Bolan).

My early research examined the rise of public opinion polling and marketing research, which is discussed at length in The Measure of Democracy: Polling, Market Research, and Public Life, 1930-1945 (University of Toronto Press, 1999)

Future Grad Students

I'm interested in supervising PhD dissertations in the following areas:

-advertising, marketing, public relations, promotional culture

-historical/contemporary controversial product marketing and regulation (e.g. cigarettes, vaping, lotteries/casinos, opioids)

-history of mass media

For MA students, in addition to the above, areas of interest include:

-sport, society, and culture

-political communication

-youth media


Courses Taught

FIMS 9241 Health, Media and Marketing 2016 Winter , 2014 Winter FIMS 9350 Genealogy: Practice, Mediascape, and Infosphere 2023 Fall JOU 702 Information Search Skills and Research Methods 2005 Summer , 2004 Summer , 2003 Summer , 2002 Summer , 2001 Summer MIT 2000 The History of Communication 2016 Fall , 2015 Fall , 2014 Winter , 2011 Fall , 2010 Winter , 2009 Winter MIT 202 The History of Communication 2008 Winter , 2006 Winter , 2005 Winter MIT 266 Advertising and the Mass Media 2008 Winter MIT 3214 Advertising and the Mass Media 2010 Winter , 2009 Winter MIT 3325 Advertising's Century 2024 Winter , 2023 Fall , 2023 Winter , 2020 Fall , 2020 Winter , 2019 Fall , 2019 Winter , 2018 Fall MIT 3403 Special Topics in MIT: Advertising’s Century 2016 Fall , 2016 Winter , 2015 Fall , 2015 Winter (2 sections) , 2013 Fall , 2013 Winter , 2012 Winter MIT 352 Political Economy of Canadian Broadcasting 2005 Winter MIT 4030 Special Topics in MIT: Consumerism and Advertising 2013 Fall , 2013 Winter , 2012 Winter MIT 4034 Special Topics in MIT: Consumerism and Advertising 2022 Fall , 2021 Winter , 2020 Winter , 2019 Winter , 2017 Fall , 2016 Fall MS 784 Consumption and Advertising 2008 Winter , 2006 Winter , 2004 Winter MS 9102 Research II: Project Design and Scholarly Writing 2024 Winter , 2023 Winter , 2022 Winter , 2021 Winter , 2019 Fall , 2018 Fall , 2017 Fall MS 9240 Consumption and Advertising 2010 Winter MS 9241 Special Topic: Health, Media and Marketing 2013 Winter

Theses Supervised

Mirzazadeh, Farzan. A descriptive analysis of sport nationalism, digital media, and fandom to launch the Canadian Premier League
Master of Arts in Media Studies, April 2022
Supervisor: Daniel Robinson
Ritter, Stephanie L. Heating Up the Debate: E-cigarettes and Instagram
Master of Arts in Media Studies, December 2015
Supervisor: Daniel Robinson
Fresco, Estee. Impassioned Objects and Seething Absences: The Olympics in Canada, National Identity and Consumer Culture
Phd in Media Studies, November 2015
Supervisor: Daniel Robinson
Benoit, Andrea. Face Value: Beyond the Surface of Brand Philanthropy through Cultural Production of the MAC AIDS Fund
Phd in Media Studies, August 2014
Supervisor: Daniel Robinson
Eisner-Levine, Amy. Man Versus Food: An Analysis of ‘Dude Food’ Television and Public Health
Master of Arts in Media Studies, June 2014
Supervisor: Daniel Robinson
Morgan, Danielle. Money, Morals, and Human Rights: Commercial Influences in the Marketing, Branding, and Fundraising of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch
Master of Arts in Media Studies, September 2013
Supervisor: Daniel Robinson
Asquith, Kyle. Aren't They Keen?" Early Children's Food Advertising and the Emergence of the Brand-loyal Child Consumer
Phd in Media Studies, November 2011
Supervisor: Daniel Robinson
Carrocci, Lindsay. Representing the Promotional University: Undergraduate Student Recruitment Strategies in Ontario, 1997-2007
Master of Arts in Media Studies, June 2009
Supervisor: Daniel Robinson
Jacques, Alison. The Pretty Accused: Evelyn Dick in the Press and Popular Culture, 1946-2006
Master of Arts in Media Studies, August 2006
Supervisor: Daniel Robinson
Schach, Emily. Icon of Consumption: The Cosmo Girl and the Commodification of Femininity, 1965-1975
Master of Arts in Media Studies, August 2006
Supervisors: Alison Hearn and Daniel Robinson