FIMS Profile

Chris Brogly

PhD student Health Information Science
MSc CS Western, BCS Co-op Windsor

Research Interests

Health informatics/information, internet, predictive models, information retrieval, databases, simulation/games

Current Projects

With the LiT.RL Lab, supervised by Dr. Rubin: The LiT.RL Lab's News Verification Browser has been released. Download or contribute to the program at The browser contains assistive technologies designed to augment traditional screening by news readers and information professionals in identifying clickbait, satire, and falsified texts on webpages, to varying levels of accuracy.

As part of the Smart Healthy Campus initiative: I have been developing a mobile app (supervised by Dr. Bauer) as part of the ongoing Smart Healthy Campus initiative, which investigates stressors affecting mental health and resilience in undergraduates. This app and a call for participants is expected to be rolled out in early 2019.