No. 397 - February 13, 2017

  • Coming Events:

    - FIMSwrites
    - "Community Resistance to Gold Mining in El Salvador"
    - FIMS Research Coffee Hour: Funding Your Research and Dissemination Activities
    - FIMS Music Law Student Research Day
    - Save the Date: "The Theory and Practice of Kinetic Publishing"
    - Save the Date: "Spreading the Truth in the Age of Viral Misinformation"
  • Important Dates:

    - Wednesday, February 15, 2017 - Faculty Council
    - Friday, February 17, 2017 - Senate
    - Monday, February 20, 2017 - Family Day Holiday (Offices closed)
    - Monday, February 20 - Friday, February 24, 2017 - MLIS Research Week
    - Monday, February 20 - Friday, February 24, 2017 - Reading Week
  • News & Announcements:

    - In Memoriam: LIS Professor Emeritus Hans Schultz-Albert
    - Photo gallery from LIS 50th Anniversary Reception posted
    - AHJC-Academic Journalism Fellowships
  • Awards & Accomplishments:

    - Tom Carmichael (on behalf of the LIS program)
    - Marni Harrington
    - Lindsay Taylor
    - Matt Ward
  • Publications & Presentations:

    - Paul Benedetti
    - Claire Burrows
    - Lucia Cedeira Serantes
    - Nicole Dalmer
    - Devina Dandar
    - Ramon Diab
    - Alex Hanam
    - Marni Harrington and Matt Ward (with Lindsay Taylor)
    - Heather Hill
    - David Hudson
    - Heidi Jacobs
    - Lisa Levesque
    - Doug Mann
    - Cal Murgu
    - Tami Oliphant
    - Anabel Quan-Haase (with Yimin Chen, Victoria L. Rubin, Olga Buchel and Diane Rasmussen Pennington)
    - Kamran Sedig
    - Kelly Thoreson
  • In the Media:

    - Cate Carlyle
    - Yimin Chen
    - Niall Conroy
    - Phil Pallen
    - Amara Pope
    - Victoria Rubin
    - Marie Wilson
  • Additional Activities of Note:

    - Meihua Lee
    - Cal Murgu
    - John Reed
    - Sharon Sliwinski
    - Romayne Smith Fullerton
  • News from Western Libraries:

  • Next Issue:

Coming Events

Wednesday, February 15 and 22, 2017
9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Grad Club
To provide some solidarity in the sometimes-solitary writing process, FIMS graduate students host some informal/structured writing time at the Grad Club. We’ll be meeting every Wednesday morning this semester starting at 9:30am. All FIMS graduate students, staff and faculty are welcome to bring their laptops and join in to sit, grab some coffee and write (reading is good too!) - drop by at any point in the morning.

“Community Resistance to Gold Mining in El Salvador”
Tuesday, February 28, 2017
7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
London Public Library, Landon Branch
167 Wortley Road
Presented by Amanda Grzyb as part of the third annual #PublicInterest Lecture Series.
Abstract: Communities in Central America are using new forms of organizing to resist the incursion of mega-extractive projects in their territories and protect valuable water resources. Focusing on resistance to gold mining in El Salvador as an example, this talk asks what Canadians need to know about the role of Canadian extractive industries abroad (continue reading).

FIMS Research Coffee Hour: Funding Your Research and Dissemination Activities
Wednesday, March 1, 2017
10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
FNB 4070
The FIMS Research Coffee Hour is an opportunity for faculty and PhD researchers to participate in an informal discussion/ workshop/ question and answer session on topics related to research. This session, facilitated by Jacquie Burkell and Karen Kueneman, will focus on why you might need funding; sources of funding including alternatives to Tri-Council (SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR); tools available to find funding; help that is available to you.

FIMS Music Law Student Research Day
Friday, March 3, 2017
9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Music Building 227
The FIMULAW Research Day is an interdisciplinary research day that provides graduate students an opportunity to present their work and to engage with an interdisciplinary audience on matters of importance to researchers across disciplines. See the day’s agenda.

Save the Date: “The Theory and Practice of Kinetic Publishing”
Wednesday, March 8, 2017
12:00 p.m. – 1:20 p.m.
FNB 4070
Presented by Robert Glushko, Associate Chief Librarian, Western Libraries
In the past decade, although scholarly publishing diversified to offer multiple forms of knowledge dissemination, most publishing remains unchanged, with the most influential venues taking the form of traditional journals: groups of articles bound in periodic, space restricted, issues. Scholarly publishing in the digital age is often a transformation of physical forms and norms into digital media: an easy and familiar solution that fails to adapt to the realities of the new medium.  As a remedy, we propose Kinetic Publishing, a new model of scholarly thought, discussion, and dissemination.

Save the Date: “Spreading the Truth in the Age of Viral Misinformation”
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Somerville House 3345
Craig Silverman is the founding editor of BuzzFeed Canada and leads a global beat for BuzzFeed News covering online misinformation and fake news.

The Clissold Lecture commemorates the life and work of Edward Clissold (1833-1915), one of London's most important early editors and journalists. Edward retired as editor of the London (Ontario) Advertiser in 1910, after 33 years on staff.

Important Dates

- Wednesday, February 15, 2017 - Faculty Council
- Friday, February 17, 2017 - Senate
- Monday, February 20, 2017 - Family Day Holiday (Offices closed)
- Monday, February 20 - Friday, February 24, 2017 - MLIS Research Week
- Monday, February 20 - Friday, February 24, 2017 - Reading Week

News & Announcements

In Memoriam: LIS Professor Emeritus Hans Schultz-Albert
Professor Emeritus Hans Schulte-Albert passed away on Saturday, January 28 in London. Professor Schulte-Albert received his PhD in Library and Information Science in 1972 from Case Western Reserve University, with a dissertation on “Leibniz’s Plans for a World Encyclopedia System.”  In the same year, he joined the School of Library and Information Science here at Western and continued as a faculty member until his retirement in the early 1990s (Read the obituary).

Photo Gallery from LIS 50th Anniversary Reception posted online
Western Alumni has posted the photo gallery from the LIS 50th Anniversary Reception online. It was a busy evening with a large turnout and lots of good conversation. The gallery can be viewed on Western Alumni’s Flickr account.

AHCJ-Academic Journalism Fellowships
AHCJ is reviewing applications for financial assistance from college journalism students and college journalism instructors who need help to attend AHCJ's annual conference.  Fellowships are open to U.S.-based students majoring in journalism or mass communication with a special interest in covering health or health care. Professors and other college instructors who are teaching health-related journalism are also welcome to apply (more information).

Awards & Accomplishments

FIMS Dean Thomas Carmichael attended the OLA SuperConference in Toronto and accepted a plaque from the Ontario Library Association on behalf of the faculty, marking 50 years of excellence in librarianship education.

Marni Harrington
, FIMS Librarian, Matt Ward, FIMS Computing Services staff member, and Lindsay Taylor, MLIS student, were the recipients of the OLA’s Les Fowlie Intellectual Freedom Award. Marni and Matt were on hand at the OLA SuperConference on February 3 to receive the honour from incoming OLA President Leslie Weir (read more).

Publications & Presentations

Paul Benedetti, FIMS instructor, published his book titled You Can Have a Dog When I’m Dead, which is a series of essays that draw from his many years as a columnist with the Hamilton Spectator.

Claire Burrows, LIS PhD student, and Heather Hill, Associate Professor, presented a paper titled “Disconnect between local governance and community: the rise of volunteer-run libraries” at ALISE 2017 in Atlanta, GA.

Claire also presented a work-in-progress poster titled “A participatory approach to understanding accessibility in academic libraries” while at ALISE.

Lucia Cedeira Serantes (LIS PhD'14) and Nicole Dalmer, LIS PhD candidate, presented the following workshop at the 2017 OLA SuperConference on Wednesday, Feb 1: "What’s In A Number? Considerations for Doing Age Differently in Libraries."

Nicole also published the following article in the inaugural issue of the Journal of Critical Library and Information Studies:

Dalmer, Nicole K. “Mind the Gap: Towards the Integration of Critical Gerontology in Public Library Praxis.” Journal of Critical Library and Information Studies 1 (2017).

A number of other FIMS graduates and current students published in the new journal, including David Hudson, Heidi Jacobs and Lisa Levesque (MLIS grads), Tami Oliphant (LIS PhD grad), Ramon Diab (LIS PhD student) and Cal Murgu (MLIS student):

Diab, Ramon Salim. “Becoming-Infrastructure: Datafication, Deactivation and the Social Credit System.”

Hudson, David James. “On ‘Diversity’ as Anti-Racism in Library and Information Studies: A Critique.”

Jacobs, Heidi L.M., Murgu, Cal. “Questioning the Past and Possible Futures: Digital Historiography and Critical Librarianship.”

Levesque, Lisa. “Review of the Undersea Network.”

Oliphant, Tami. “A Case for Critical Data Studies in Library and Information Studies.”

Back to the OLA SuperConference: a number of FIMS community members presented posters. Participants included:

Devina Dandar, presenting “Going the Distance: Point-of-Need Research Instruction for E-Learners: 5 Best Practices.”

Alex Hanam, presenting “Menstrual Metrics: An Analysis of Privacy and Security in Menstrual Health Tracking Applications.”

Lindsay Taylor (MLIS student), Matt Ward (FCS staff member) and Marni Harrington (FIMS Librarian), presenting “All In for Privacy: Cultivating a Community of Information Privacy Awareness.”

Kelly Thoreson, MLIS student, presenting “Users as Compass: User Testing to Ensure Smooth Sailing From Catalogue to Shelf.” (Co-authored by Nicole Maddock and David Fiander of Western Libraries)

Doug Mann
, Assistant Professor, did two talks on the role of technology in education to a mixed audience of students and teachers from private schools in Toronto at Upper Canada College on February 7 as part of the annual World Affairs Conference.

Anabel Quan-Haase, Associate Professor, published her book “The SAGE Handbook of Social Media Research Methods” in February 2017. According to the publisher, “The book offers a step-by-step guide to overcoming the challenges inherent in research projects that deal with ‘big and broad data’, from the formulation of research questions through to the interpretation of findings.”

The book includes contributions from a number of other names familiar to FIMS, including:

Anabel Quan-Haase and Yimin Chen (LIS PhD student), co-authored chapter six, titled “The Role of Online Reputation Management, Trolling and Personality Traits in Crafting of the Virtual Self on Social Media.”

Olga Buchel (LIS PhD grad) and Diane Rasmussen Pennington (past faculty member), co-authored chapter 18, titled “Geospatial Analysis.”

Victoria L. Rubin (Associate Professor), authored chapter 21, titled “Deception Detection and Rumor Debunking for Social Media.”

Kamran Sedig, Associate Professor, published a number of articles over the last several months, including:

Ontology-Driven Search and Triage: Design of a Web-Based Visual Interface for MEDLINE
JMIR Medical Informatics 5(1):e4
2017 Demelo, J, Parsons, P, Sedig, K

Player-Game Interaction and Cognitive Gameplay: A Taxonomic Framework for the Core Mechanic of Videogames
Journal of Informatics -- Special Issue on "Human-Information Interaction", 4(4), 1-24
2017 Sedig, K, Parsons, P, Haworth, R

Beyond simple charts: Design of visualizations for big health data
Online Journal of Public Health Informatics, 8(3), 1-32
2016 Ola, K, Sedig, K

Supporting sensemaking of complex objects with visualizations: Visibility and complementarity of interactions
Journal of Informatics, 3(4), 20. 1-28
2016 Sedig, K, Parsons, P, Liang, HN, Morey, J

Exploring the spread of Zika: Using interactive visualizations to control vector-borne diseases
International Journal of Disease Control and Containment for Sustainability, 1(1), 46-67
2016 Ola, K, Buchel, O, Sedig, K

In the Media

Cate Carlyle, MLIS'10, was profiled on the blog on January 30, 2017, in an article titled “13 Questions With: Cate Carlyle.” Carlyle is currently working as the Curriculum Resource Centre Coordinator at Mount Saint Vincent University.

Research produced by the LiT.RL group (Victoria L. Rubin, Associate Professor, Yimin Chen, LIS PhD student, and Niall Conroy, LIS PhD graduate) was cited on the Columbia Journalism Review website in an article titled “Is Facebook a media company? Some online news consumers think so.” The article was prompted by a release from the Pew Research Center on how Americans encounter, recall and act on digital news. 

Phil Pallen (BA’10, MIT) was featured in a Western Alumni Gazette article on January 23, 2017, titled “The power of two: O-Week friendship blossomed into name-brand business.”

Amara Pope, Media Studies PhD student, was featured in the Western News article “Digging into Drizzy: Research focuses on how a ‘hybrid identity’ built the perfect Drake” on January 25, 2017.

Marie Wilson (MA’77, Journalism), was featured in a Western Alumni Gazette article on January 23, 2017, titled “Finding her place: Marie Wilson hopes the lasting legacy of her work is a Canada willing to confront its past.

Additional Activities of Note

Meihua Lee, Professor in the Department of Communication and Technology at National Chiao Tung University in Tiawan, is visiting FIMS until the end of July. During her visit here, Dr. Lee will be working on 'Ethnic Communication in the Age of Globalization & Digitalization'.

MLIS student Cal Murgu, as part of his work with Jacquie Burkell and Karen Kueneman to raise the research profile of the faculty, will be releasing regular Open Access updates as they pertain to FIMS publications. They are in graphical format and the January 2017 update is now available.

Instructor John Reed, along with Associate Professor Romayne Smith Fullerton, appeared in a USC elections video encouraging students to vote for the next USC executive.

The latest iteration of Associate Professor Sharon Sliwinski's on-going research project on dream-life is finally live:  

"The Museum of Dreams is a hub for exploring the social and political significance of dream-life. We collect and creatively work with dreams from the historical record and provide a platform for collaborative storytelling projects. The site includes entries by Western faculty and students, among others."

A profile of Romayne Smith Fullerton, Associate Professor, titled “Naming names: Differences in international crime reporting” was added to the Researcher Spotlight section of the FIMS website in early February.

News from Western Libraries

From the New Books Shelf....

Digital Participatory Culture and the TV Audience: Everyone's A Critic / Sandra M. Falero
DBW stack PN1992.3.U5F35 2016

Journalism and the Public / David M. Ryfe
DBW stack PN4749.R97 2017

Deciding What's True: The Rise of Political Fact-Checking In American Journalism / Lucas Graves
DBW stack PN4784.O24G73 2016

Featured Resource: Lexis-Nexis Academic

Lexis-Nexis Academic is a great source for worldwide current news stories and broadcast transcripts in html format. If search engine seems daunting, you can also in the Search the News box to help you narrow your search, or use the Hot Topics Links at the top of the main page to find current stories on popular subjects. For more help, you can consult the Lexis Nexis Academic Knowledge Center at

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