New! Creative Arts & Production Program

Three Faculties, one program: Creative Arts & Production (CAP)

The Faculty of Information & Media Studies (FIMS), the Faculty of Arts & Humanities and the Don Wright Faculty of Music are pleased to announce the new Creative Arts & Production (CAP) program. Jointly developed and offered by the three Faculties, admissions for second year undergraduate students will begin in Fall 2022, pending approval. This year the foundational course Creative Arts 1020: Introduction to Creative Arts was offered for the first time and served as a soft launch for the CAP curriculum.

Taught by Professor Basil Chiasson, students were introduced to critical ways of thinking about creativity and creative practice across a range of disciplines in the arts, music, and media. Topics included what creativity looks like; where creativity comes from; who can be creative; and why creativity matters. In this course students both made things, and also examined the process of making those things.

An Introduction to Creativity with Professor Basil Chiasson

Continue to check back here for the latest information about the Creative Arts & Production program as it becomes available.