Internship Program

The FIMS Internship program is designed to help 3rd and 4th-year students make connections between their academic studies and the professional world by undertaking supervised work placements in organizations and businesses with media-related or information-related interests, public service organizations, and community groups. Internships are meant to be substantive learning experiences, so every effort is made to ensure students on internship are engaged in relevant and growth-oriented work.


Internships are not guaranteed. Students must first be eligible (meet a minimum academic standard) and demonstrate professional readiness. Then there is a process of searching and matching to find a suitable placement aligning with the student's interests. Finally, the student must apply, and successfully interview for the position.

Types of internships

Academic Internships

Unpaid or paid, with academic credit.

An academic internship requires a minimum of 140 hours completed with a defined start and end date that aligns with Western's terms and session types. The placement schedule is determined in consultation with the supervisor. The Faculty strongly suggests no more than 12-15 hours per week to ensure that the placement hours do not interfere with the student's academic studies or ability to work if the placement is unpaid.

Fees: An academic internship completed during a full-time academic load of 4.0+ courses in fall or winter term is included in full program tuition fees. For summer placements, there is a course tuition fee for one half-course.

A non-refundable $125.00 internship fee is applied at the time of registration.

Eligibility criteria apply. If successfully completed (based on Pass/Fail), students will receive credit for one 0.5 course.

Contact FIMS Internship Program

Current students can find out more about the FIMS Internship Program and how to apply on Western Connect under Internship/Co-op > Undergraduate FIMS.

Questions about the internship program? Contact: