Code of Conduct

Affiliation with the Faculty of Information and Media Studies presumes mutual respect among students, staff, faculty and visitors. A positive atmosphere of professionalism and collegiality is essential for everyone to perform to the best of his or her abilities. This requires respect for the opinions and questions of others and behaviour that is, at all times, courteous and conducive to creating a pleasant and productive environment for learning and working.

This Code of Conduct applies both to members of the Faculty of Information and Media Studies, including students and employees, and to individuals who are in the faculty for short periods of time as visitors or service personnel. It also extends to those engaged in co-operative work placements, internship or other duties outside of The University of Western Ontario.

The FIMS Code of Conduct acts as a general guideline to appropriate behaviour by FIMS students, staff, faculty and visitors. When a complaint under the Code has been brought forward, other official university documentation may take precedence (see Administration of the Code below).

  • Everyone will strive to work and live together in an atmosphere of mutual respect, taking into account the diversity of the university community.
  • Everyone will be responsible for his or her own behaviour and fully accountable for his or her actions. Ignorance, anger, alcohol or substance abuse will not be accepted as an excuse or rationale for any breach of this code.
  • Conduct that is conducive to learning and which respects the interests of others while in FIMS facilities must always be observed. Unreasonable noise will not be created which may prevent others from carrying out their work.
  • Everyone will represent themselves honestly in all communications, including applications, resumes, interview, research proposals and other correspondence.
  • Everyone has the responsibility to accurately represent the origin of his/her own work and to be aware of guidelines regarding plagiarism. Misrepresentation of one's work will be dealt with in accordance with the University's policies regarding scholastic offences.
  • Everyone will respect the privacy and property of other people. They will not examine, copy, borrow or remove the belongings or the work of another without the latter's permission.
  • Everyone will refrain from engaging in verbal or written (including electronic communications) abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment or physical violence.
  • Everyone will refrain from acts of theft, vandalism or destruction of property. Everyone is subject to the guidelines imposed in Section 8 of the Access Code for The University of Western Ontario Library System regarding use of library materials, to the guidelines of Information and Technology Services regarding the Appropriate Use of Computing and Network Facilities, and also to any specific FIMS guidelines posted or circulated within the FIMS community.

Administration of the Code

Breach of this code should be brought to the attention of the Dean or Associate Dean. When dealing with a complaint under the Code, other official university documentation may take precedence, including The University of Western Ontario Code of Student Conduct, procedures and sanctions for Scholastic Offences, Policy and Procedures for the Conduct of Research, Non-Discrimination/Harassment Policy and Procedures, the Access Code for The University of Western Ontario Library System, and WTS Guidelines for Appropriate Use of Computing and Network Facilities.