The purposes of the Library and Information Science Doctoral Students' Association are to:

  1. make representations to the FIMS community about the doctoral program;
  2. act as the official channel between Administration and those enrllled in the doctoral program;
  3. undertake advocacy on behalf of individual members with respect to the program and matters affecting members as a consequence of pursing the doctorate;
  4. provide commentary on other aspects of the Faculty as such aspects directly or indirectly affect the doctoral program or members of the Association;
  5. establish, maintain and extend contacts and ties with individuals or groups external to the FIMS community; and
  6. foster collegiality among members

To contact the LISDSA, email: 

2017/18 LIS Doctoral Association Executive

  • President/Secretary: Kirstyn Seanor
  • Treasurer: Sarah Cornwell
  • Research Committee Primary: Greg Nightingale
  • Research Committee Alternate: Mike Ridley
  • LIS Doctoral Program Committee Primary: Arielle VanderSchans, Martin Nord
  • LIS Doctoral Program Committee Alternates: Scott MacDonald, Sarah Cornwell, Mike Ridley
  • SOGS Primary Rep: Toluwase Asubiaro
  • SOGS Alternate Rep: Scott MacDonald