FIMS Undergraduate Student Council

The Faculty of Information & Media Studies Students' Council (FIMSSC) is a student-run council that works to enhance the undergraduate student experience in FIMS. The council provides a number of ways in which undergraduate students can get involved with their peers, their community, and the political and social life of the faculty.

The FIMSSC is a dynamic and active group, and offers all kinds of ways for FIMS undergrads to participate in extracurricular activities, whether you're actually serving on the Council or not.

Ways to get involved include:

  • Volunteering for the Street Team (gain experience in marketing, promotions and advertising)
  • Volunteering for the Charity Committee
  • Volunteering as part of OPENWIDE (an alternative publication managed by the Council)
  • Attending and planning faculty events
  • Supporting student initiatives
  • Attending townhall meetings, roundtables and general assemblies

FIMSSC represents all undergraduate students in FIMS, and as such advocates on behalf of student interests.

The FIMSSC maintains its own website. Check it out at:

2015/16 FIMSSC Executive

The FIMSSC is elected each year by the undergraduate student body.

  • President: Melissa Peterson
  • Vice President, Academics: Alex Krolak
  • Vice President, Communications: Antoinette Taranets
  • Vice President, Events: Victoria Lyons
  • Vice President, Finance: Chris Pandza
  • Chairperson: Marisa Cho
  • Alumni Relations Coordinator: Ajay Rakhraj
  • Faculty Liaison: Tanya Sahni
  • MPI Representative: Gloria Zhu
  • Grad Representative: Gabriella Teixeira
  • Head Soph: Jenai Kershaw
  • Street Team Coordinator: Rachel Kelly
  • Production Coordinator: Meaghan Murphy
  • Charity Commissioner: Bridget Farrell
  • Webmaster: Laura Ferguson
  • First Year Representative: Bianca Huang
  • First Year Representative: Ariana Majliocco