FIMS Lecture Series

FIMS Seminar Series (formerly Brown Bag Lectures)

The FIMS Seminar Series features research presentations from faculty members and graduate students, covering recent advances and work in progress. Bring your lunch and learn about research at FIMS. These lectures take place on Wednesdays at noon in the FIMS & Nursing Building.


#PublicInterest Lecture Series

In its fourth year, the #PublicInterest speaker series at the London Public Library brings cutting-edge research by scholars from FIMS out of the academy and into the community. This series is a key component of the FIMS commitment to engagement in the public sphere. Each of the talks highlights innovative and exciting research going on in FIMS, presented by faculty members and students who are passionate about their work.


Mediations Workshop and Lecture Series

Mediations is a graduate student-run workshop and guest speaker series housed in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies (FIMS) at The University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario Canada. The goal of the series is to establish a space in which to display the rich diversity of research and scholarship being pursued at FIMS to the broader Western community.