Students in the Media, Information & Technoculture (MIT), Media & the Public Interest (MPI) and Media Theory & Production (MTP) programs all select their courses from the same pool. Courses for all three programs are coded as MIT courses (ie: MIT 1020E).

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Introduction to Media, Information and Technoculture
Introduction to Media, Information and Technoculture I
Introduction to Media, Information and Technoculture I
First Year Foundations
Navigating Media Culture: #mediaculture
Media Production Foundations
The History of Communication
Political Economy of Media
Media, Representation and Identity
Consumer Society: Advertising and Promotional Culture
Media and Social Movements
Entertainment Industries and Popular Culture
Journalism Practices and Principles
Social Media, Virtual Gaming and Networked Life
Media Law and Ethics
Planet Google: Big Data and Information Society
Foundations of Global Communication
Introduction to Popular Music Studies
Special Topics in MIT: War for War: Mediation, Militarization, and Conflict
Special Topics in MIT: Health, Media & Information
Special Topics in MIT: Multimedia Journalism
Mapping Media and Cultural Theory
The Meaning of Technology: Exploring the Relationship Between Technology & Society
Digital Music: An Introduction
Introduction to Digital Imaging and Website Design
Introduction to Graphic Design
Introduction to Video Theory and Production
Special Topics in MIT: Introduction to Video Production, Theory and Practice
Designing and Critiquing Research Methods
Information in The Public Sphere
Global Political Economy of Media
Search and Discovery
Search Engines and Data Mining
The New Political Economy of Information: Networked Capitalism
The Political Economy of the Entertainment Industries
Net-Work: Labour and Profit on Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Web 2.0
Northern Radicalism
Rebels and Rogues: Outlaws in Culture and Theory
Sexuality and the Media
Critical Perspectives in Advertising
Children, Advertising & Consumer Culture
Women’s Television: History, Gender, Feminism
Deviant Divas: Examining the Monstrous Feminine
Media Representations of Women
The Culture of Celebrity
Media & Audiences
Advertising and the Mass Media
Killer Culture: War and the Mediation of Reality in the 20th-21st Centuries
The Culture of Consumption
Public Opinion
Technology, Democracy, and Postwar America
Media Convergence
Photography, Politics, History
Radio and Television as Entertainment Media
Tales of Tinseltown
Crash Landscape
Propaganda in Print and Visual Culture
Bubble, Pop, Electric: Japense
Comic Book Culture: From Pulp Fiction to Post Modern Legitimacy
Advertising's Century
Pop Music and/as Cultural Labour
Music, Media and Globalization
Popular Music and Identity
The Birth of New Music Media
Feminist Perspectives and Practices in the Online World
Game On! Video Game Culture, Technology, and Industry
Design of Digital Cognitive Games
Social Media & Organizations
Social Networking in Everyday Life: Social Relations, Social Movements, and Privacy
Social Networking: Theory & Practice
Cyber-Life: Communicating in the Digital Age
Special Topics in MIT: The Politics of Digital Media
Children, Advertising & Consumer Culture
Special Topics in MIT: Advertising’s Century
Special Topics in MIT: Media, Piracy: Past, Present and Future
Special Topics in MIT: History of Journalism in Canada
Special Topics in MIT: Maker Space
Special Topics in MIT: Entertainment & the Law
Special Topics in MIT: Media and Mental Health
Special Topics in MIT: Gender, Race & Class in Wedding Media
Special Topics in MIT: Disability in Popular Culture
The Real Things
Special Topics in MIT: SciFi TV
Special Topics in MIT: Journalism and Popular Culture
Special Topics in MIT: Pop Music and/as Cultural Labour
Sports, Media and Society
Special Topics in MIT: Dystopia: Dragons, Zombies, Killer Robots and the Thought Police
Sound in Media: Audio Production in Radio, Film & Television
Special Topics in MIT: Copyright, Creativity, Technology and the Music Industry
Special Topics in MIT: Video Killed the Radio Star: Music Videos, MTV, and the Birth of New Music
Special Topics in MIT: Communication Through Meme
The Mediation of Music Through Sound Recording
Digital Audio & Music in Media
Special Topics in MIT: Podcasting and Audio Journalism
Special Topics in MIT: Advanced Video Production
Virtual Worlds: Theory and Practice
Human Rights Reporting: International Legal Standards for the Protection of Journalists
Special Topics in MIT: Human Rights and Media
Special Topics in MIT: Covering the Periphery: Reporting on the Margins in Canada and Abroad
Special Topics in MIT: Storytelling Live
Special Topics in MIT: Bubble, Pop, Electric: Japanese Visual and Technoculture
Special Topics in MIT: Looking at Sensationalism
Writing for Magazines
Introduction to Journalistic Writing
Documentary Media
Arts & Entertainment Journalism
Comfort TV
Television and Social Movements in the 1960s
Distance 'New Media' Theories and Production
Special Topics in MIT: Critical Perspectives in Advertising (Distance)
Social Media & Organizations
Special Topic: Blogs, Columns, and Op Eds: Making Opinions Matter
Special Topics in MIT: Public Relations: A Critical Examination
Political Economy of Hollywood
Special Topics in MIT: Fake News
Special Topics in MIT: Mediated Nightmares of Disaster Capitalism
Special Topics in MIT: Global Power, Media/Work and Intersectional Solidarity
Getting the Message Out: Activism and Mainstream Media
Alternative Media
Century of Genocide
Politics & Representation of Food
The University, Student Activism & the Public Interest
Race, Ethnicity, and Technology
International Media and Social Change
MPI Directed Readings
Special Topics in MIT: First Nations and the News
Special Topics in MIT: El Salvador: Mining, Agro Toxics and Environmental Crisis
Special Topics in MIT: The Commodity at the Speed of Light
Special Topics in MIT: Representing the Holocaust: Museums, Memorials, and the Politics of Memory in Poland
Special Topics in MIT: Psychoanalysis and the Imaginary Life
Special Topics in MIT: Austerity, Debt & The Media
Special Topics in MIT: Media and Environmental Justice
Special Topics in MIT: (Un)Covering Canadian Crime
Special Topics in MIT: Consumerism & Advertising
Special Topics in MIT: The Mechanical Flower
Special Topics in MIT: HIV/Aids: Representation and Activism
Special Topics in MIT: Innis, Schramm and Chomsky
Medium Theory
Special Topics in MIT: The Political Purposes of Spectacle: Media Power, International Relations and The Eurovision Song Contest
Media and the Public Interest Practicum