Course Description

MIT 3955F-001 (Fall 2017)   Special Topics in MIT: Communicating Climate Change

Instructor: A. Freier

Course Description

This course  investigates the cultural products of climate change including journalistic, artistic, and material productions with a focus on some of the key terms subsumed under the climate change umbrella (environment, ecology, geology, anthropocene, crisis, petroculture, etc.). In what ways do we experience climate change, and how are these experiences fundamentally tied to media theory and practice? How might we begin to see environment as a “medium” in itself and how might frames of “media ecology” (Chun, Morton, Parikka) and “elemental media” (Durham Peters) help to understand the complexities of communicating climate change and its vast intersecting networks?

Course Outline for MIT 3955F-001 (Fall 2017)
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3 lecture hours, 0.5 course