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Supervisory status

At the University of Western Ontario, to be a chief supervisor of a master's or doctoral thesis, a faculty member must be approved by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies through a review process. They may be approved to be a master's supervisor, a doctoral supervisor, or both. Faculty who do not have chief supervisory status can either be co-supervisors with a faculty member who is an approved supervisor, or they can be a member of the student's thesis committee. In considering potential chief supervisors, students should be careful to determine that the faculty member of choice has the appropriate supervisory status.

A faculty member with Doctoral Supervisory Status may serve as supervisor or co-supervisor of a doctoral or master’s thesis.

A faculty member with Master's Supervisory Status may serve as supervisor or co-supervisor of a master’s thesis or as co-supervisor of a doctoral thesis, with a doctoral supervisory member.

Faculty members with supervisory status in Media Studies

Master's Supervisory Status
Can supervise master's theses and co-supervise doctoral theses

Dr. Grant Campbell
Dr. Ajit Pyati
Dr. Paulette Rothbauer
Professor Daniela Sneppova
Dr. Samuel Trosow
Dr. Nadine Wathen

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