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The following doctoral theses have been completed by students in the PhD in Media Studies program to date.

( Note: hyperlinks are included for theses that were submitted to Scholarship@Western and are now available through Western's Electronic Theses & Dissertation Repository. Those without hyperlinks are not currently available through the e-repository).


Titles since 2015

Kim, Kyunghee (June 2018). Cultural Hybridity in the Contemporary Korean Popular Culture Through the Practice of Genre Transformation. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Bertuzzi, Robert
(June 2018). Hone the Means of Production: Craft Antagonism and Domination in the Journalistic Labour Process of Freelance Writers. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Chakraborty, Indranil
(May 2018). Invisible Labour: Support-Service Workers in India's Information Technology Industry. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Freier, Amy
(May 2018). Exhibiting Human Rights: Making the Means of Dignity Visible. (Supervisor: Dr. Sharon Sliwinski)

Hambleton, Jennifer
(March 2018). Industrial Stagecraft: Tooling and Cultural Production. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Hoad-Reddick, Kate
(November 2017). Pitching the Feminist Voice: A Critique of Contemporary Consumer Feminism. (Supervisor: Dr. Romayne Smith Fullerton)

Mitra, Saumava
(October 2017) Local-Global Tensions: Professional Experience, Role Perceptions and Image Production of Afghan Photojournalists Working for a Global Audience. (Supervisors: Dr. Jacquie Burkell and Dr. Susan Knabe)

de Laat, Sonya
(October 2017). Regarding Aid: The Photographic Situation of Humanitarianism. (Supervisor: Dr. Sharon Sliwinski)

Taschereau Mamers, Danielle
(May 2017). Settler Colonial Ways of Seeing: Documentary Governance of Indigenous Life in Canada and its Disruption. (Supervisor: Dr. Sharon Sliwinski)

Thom, Jessica. (October 2016). Believing the News: Exploring How Young Canadians Make Decisions About Their News Consumption. (Supervisor: Dr. Jacquie Burkell)

Cruz, Trent. (October 2016).
Creative Management: Disciplining the Neoliberal Worker. (Supervisor: Dr. Alison Hearn)

Kjøsen, Atle.
(September 2016). Capital's Media: The Physical Conditions of Circulation. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Jackson, David
. (September 2016). Becoming Sonic: Ambient Poetics and the Ecology of Listening in Four Militant Sound Investigations. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Davila, Richard.
(March 2016). No Hay Sólo Un Idioma, No Hay Sólo Una Voz: A Revisionist History Of Chicana/os and Latina/os in Punk. (Supervisor: Dr. Norma Coates)

Schmalz, Michael (December 2015). Limitation to Innovation in the North American Console Video Game Industry 2001-2013: A Critical Analysis (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Fresco, Estee (November 2015). Impassioned Objects and Seething Absences: The Olympics in Canada, National Identity and Consumer Culture (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Robinson)

Arnott, Luke (August 2015). Narrative Epic and New Media: The Totalizing Spaces of Postmodernity in The Wire, Batman, and The Legend of Zelda. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Lohman, Eric (July 2015). When [S]He is Working [S]He is Not at Home: Challenging Assumptions About Remote Work.  (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Thorburn, Elise (May 2015). Human-Machinic Assemblages: Technologies, Bodies, and the Recuperation of Social Reproduction in the Crisis Era.  (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Titles since 2009

Young, Liam (December 2014). 'What's in a list?' Cultural Techniques, Logistics, Poeisis. (Supervisor: Dr. Bernd Frohmann)

Benoit, Andrea (August 2014). Face Value: Beyond the Surface of Brand Philanthropy through Cultural Production of the MAC AIDS Fund.  (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Robinson)

Richardson, Gemma (August 2014). (Un)covering Suicide: The Changing Ethical Norms in Canadian Journalism. (Supervisors: Dr. Carole Farber and Dr. Romayne Smith Fullerton)

Preston, Jeffrey (August 2014). Fantasizing Disability: Representation of Loss and Limitation in Popular Television and Film. (Supervisor: Dr. Sharon Sliwinski)

Svec, Henry (August 2013). If I Had a Hammer: An Archeology of Tactical Media From the Hootenanny to the People's Microphone (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Manzerolle, Vincent (April 2013). Brave New Wireless World: Mapping the Rise of Ubiquitous Connectivity from Myth to Market. (Supervisors: Dr. Sandra Smeltzer and Dr. Edward Comor)

Livermore, Owen (February 2013). The Academic Grind: A Critique of Creative and Collaborative Discourses Between Digital Games Industries and Post-Secondary Education in Canada. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Meier, Leslie (January 2013). Promotional Ubiquitous Musics: New Identities and Emerging Markets in the Digitalizing Music Industry (Supervisor: Dr. Jonathan Burston)

Toledo Ramirez, Franciso Gerardo (December 2012). Because I am Not Here, Selected Second Life-Based Art Case Studies. Subjectivity, Autoempathy and Virtual World Aesthetics. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Brown, Brian (July 2012). Will Work for Free: Examining the Biopolitics of Unwaged Immaterial Labour (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Richardson, Chris (July 2012). Communicating Crimes: Covering Gangs in Contemporary Canadian Journalism. (Supervisor: Dr. Romayne Smith-Fullerton)

Feliciano Ortiz, Raul J (April 2012). Watching the games: Critical media literacy and students' abilities to identify and critique the politics of sports. (Supervisors: Dr. Carole Farber and Dr. Romayne Smith-Fullerton)

Martin, Jennifer (March 2012). Keeping Up with the Virtual Joneses: The Practices, Meanings, and Consequences of Consumption in Second Life. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Asquith, Kyle (November 2011). Aren't They Keen?"  Early Children's Food Advertising and the Emergence of the Brand-loyal Child Consumer.  (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Robinson)

Daubs, Michael S (September 2011). Immediacy and Aesthetic Remediation in Television and Digital Media: Mass Media’s Challenge to the Democratization of Media Production. (Supervisor: Dr. Sasha Torres)

Arntfield, Mike (July 2011). Hypertext Epitaphs: The Digitization of Police Memorials and Funerary Writing. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Ting, Elle Kwok-Yin (August 2009). Pax Americana : September 11 memorialization and nation-building mythologies. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

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