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Research Methods
Special Topic: Cultural Labour and Popular Music
The Self and Commodity
Special Topic: Cultural Studies and Political Economy: Conflict, Integration, Consequences
Cultural Studies, Political Economy, and Canadian Communication Thought
Special Topic: Meet Harold Innis: Political Economy of Media Scholarship
Special Topic: Comparative Media Theory:  Innis, Schramm, Chomsky
Special Topic: Media Philosophies
Special Topic: Copyright, Creativity, Technology and the Music Industry
Remember Forever: Memory, Trauma, Technology
Special Topic: Communicating Holocaust History: Memorials, Museums, and National Memory
Special Topic: Representing Rwandan Genocide
Special Topic: Psychoanalysis and the Image
Representing the Human
Special Topic: Ideology, Affect, Media
Special Topic: The Politics of Aesthetics
Special Topic: Alienation and Freedom: The Politics of (Cultural) Work
Special Topic: Technological Society: Inequality, Power, and Social Networks
Special Topic: Dreaming and Thinking
Consumption and Advertising
Special Topic: Health, Media and Marketing
Special Topic: Algorithmic Cultures
Special Topic: Information and Communication in a Digital Age
ICTs and "Progress": An Ethnography of Communication Divides
Analyzing Media Messages
Special Topic: Ethnography of Progress and the Role of Technology
Political Economy of Communication
Feminist Theories in Media Studies
Special Topic: Histories of the Information Age
Special Topic: Information Societies and Their Promises of 'Development'
Race, Culture, Music
Space, Place, Music
Special Topic: Music, Media, Modernity
Advanced Theory and Methods in Media Studies
PhD Interdisciplinary Foundations of Media Theory
Directed Study in Advanced Media Studies I
Health, Media and Marketing
Special Topic: The Facts about Facts: Critical Issues in Media Literacy
Special Topic: Misinformation and Viral Deception
Feminist Approaches to Media and Information Studies
Special Topic: Making and Thinking
Special Topic: Contemplation and Mindfulness in the Information Age
Information Visualization
Exploring Youth Studies Research