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Thesis titles from past LIS PhD students

The following doctoral theses have been completed by students in the PhD in LIS program to date.

( Note: hyperlinks are included for theses that were submitted to Scholarship@Western and are now available through Western's Electronic Theses & Dissertation Repository. Those without hyperlinks are not currently available through the e-repository).

Titles from the 2010s

Berg, Selinda (November 2017). Expertise, Mediation, and Technological Surrogacy: A Mixed Method Critical Analysis of a Point of Care Evidence Resource. (Supervisors: Dr. Roma Harris and Dr. Nadine Wathen)

Schreurs, Kathleen
(September 2017). The E-Writing Experiences of Literary Authors. (Supervisor: Dr. Lynne McKechnie)

Di Valentino, Lisa
(November 2016). Laying the Foundation for Copyright Policy and Practice in Canadian Universities. (Supervisor: Dr. Samuel Trosow)

Elueze, Isioma.
(November 2016). Towards Evidence-Informed Agriculture Policy Making: Investigating the Knowledge Translation Practices of Researchers in the National Agriculture Research Institutes in Nigeria. (Supervisor: Dr. Isola Ajiferuke)

Onaifo, Daniel
(July 2016). Alternate Academy: Investigating the Use of Open Educational Resources by Students at the University of Lagos in Nigeria. (Supervisor: Dr. Anabel Quan-Haase)

Conroy, Nadia
(June 2016). Understanding Collaborative Sensemaking for System Design - An Investigation of Musicians' Practice. (Supervisor: Dr. Victoria Rubin)

Fortier, Alexander
(June 2016). Different Approaches for Different Folks. (Supervisor: Dr. Jacquelyn Burkell)

Martin, Kim
(May 2016). Creating Context from Curiosity: The Role of Serendipity in the Research Process of Historians in Physical and Digital Environments. (Supervisor: Dr. Anabel Quan-Haase)

Ripley, James
(October 2015). Watching Storytelling: Visual Information in Oral Narratives. (Supervisor: Dr. Lynne McKechnie)

Mumba, Daniel
(September 2015). Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Africa: Investigating Information Access and the Use of ICTs by Women-Owned Enterprises in Zambia. (Supervisor: Dr. Kate Johnson)

Nzomo, Peggy I. (May 2015). Multilingual Information Access: Practices and Perceptions of Bi/multilingual Academic Users. (Supervisor: Dr. Isola Ajiferuke)

Pollak, Angela (April 2015). Words to Live By: How Experience Shapes our Information World at Work, Play and in Everyday Life. (Supervisor: Dr. Lynne McKechnie)

Kamal, Ahmad (April 2015). Contentious information: Accounts of knowledge production, circulation and consumption in transitional Egypt. (Supervisor: Dr. Ajit Pyati)

Serantes, Lucia Cedeira (May 2014). Young adults reflect on the experience of reading comics in contemporary society: Overcoming the commonplace and recognizing complexity. (Supervisors: Dr. Lynne McKechnie and Dr. Paulette Rothbauer)

McTavish, Jill (December 2013). Knowledge Organization Practices in Everyday Life: Divergent Constructions of Healthy Eating. (Supervisor: Dr. Roma Harris)

Zhang, Yanjun (February 2013). Semantics-based Automatic Quality Assessment of Depression Treatment Web Documents. (Supervisors: Dr. Jacquelyn Burkell and Dr. Robert Mercer)

Griffis, Matthew (January 2013). Space, Power and The Public Library: A Multicase Examination Of The Public Library As Organization Space. (Supervisor: Dr. Gloria Leckie)

Buchel, Olga (April 2012). Making Sense of Document Collections With Map-Based Visualizations. (Supervisor: Dr. Kamran Sedig)

McNally, Michael (April 2012). Intellectual Property and Its Alternatives: Incentives, Innovation and Ideology. (Supervisors: Dr. Samuel Trosow and Ajit Pyati)

D’Alton, Louis (April 2012). A Critical Historical Analysis of the Public Performance Right. (Supervisor: Samuel Trosow)

Oliphant, Tami (November 2010). The Information Practices of People Living with Depression: Constructing Credibility and Authority. (Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Ross)

Kosciejew, Marc (August 2010). Documenting Race and Ethnicity: The Documentary Construction of Racial and Ethnic Identities in Apartheid South Africa. (Supervisor: Dr. Bernd Frohmann)

Fast, Karl (February 2010). Human-Information Interaction for Digital Libraries: From Document Repositories to Knowledge Environments. (Supervisor: Dr. Kamran Sedig)

Titles from the 2000s

Gao, Yijun (December 2009). Gauging Public Interest from Server Logs, Surveys and Inlinks: A Multi-Method Approach to Analyze News Websites. (Supervisor: Dr. Liwen Vaughan)

Pecoskie, Jennifer (November 2009). The Solitary, Social, and 'Grafted Spaces' of Pleasure Reading: Exploring Reading Practices from the Experiences of Adult, Self-identified Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Readers and Book Club Members. (Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Ross)

Gerolami, Natasha (August 2009). The Architecture of a Virtual Library: A Deleuzian Approach to Library and Information Studies. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Kipp, Margaret (July 2009). Information Organisation Practices on the Web: Tagging and the Social Organisation of Information. (Supervisor: Dr. Grant Campbell)

Maina, Charles (July 2009). The Traditional Knowledge Protection Debate: Identifying and Listening to the Voices of Traditional Knowledge Holders. (Supervisor: Dr. Margaret Ann Wilkinson)

Veinot, Tiffany (February 2009). Social Capital and HIV/AIDS Information/ Help Exchange Networks in Rural Canada. (Supervisor: Dr. Roma Harris)

Peekhaus, Wilhelm (July 2008). Canada's Biotechnology Strategy: Struggles on the Knowledge Commons. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Lambert, Frank (February 2008). Rewriting the "Rules" of Online Networked Community Information Services: A Case Study of the Model. (Supervisor: Dr. Liwen Vaughan)

Davies, Elisabeth (April 2007). Epistemic Practices of Theatre Production Professionals: An Activity Theory Approach. (Supervisor: Dr. Gloria Leckie)

Maskell, Cathy (March 2006). Consortia Activity in Academic Libraries: Anti-competitive or in the Public Good? (Supervisor: Dr. Margaret Ann Wilkinson)

Stevenson, Siobhan (August 2005). The Post-Fordist Public Library: From Carnegie to Gates. (Supervisors: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford and Dr. Catherine Ross)

Luyt, Brendan (December 2004). Political Legitimacy and the Idea of an Emerging Information Society in the South: A Case Study of the Philippines. (Supervisor: Dr. Bernd Frohmann)

Rothbauer, Paulette (June 2004). Finding and Creating Possibility: Reading in the Lives of Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Young Women. (Supervisor: Dr. Lynne McKechnie)

Wathen, Nadine (January 2004). The Pause in Menopause? What Informs Women’s Decisions to Discontinue Hormone Replacement Therapy. (Supervisor: Dr. Roma Harris)

Joyce, Steven (December 2003). The Discursive Construction of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Identity: How Symbolic Violence and Information Capital Mediate the Coming Out Process. (Supervisor: Dr. Gloria Leckie)

Carey, Robert (May 2003). Narrative and Information: An Ethnography of a Lupus Support Group. (Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Ross)

Holmes, Boyd (June 2002). The Domain of Information Science, with an Emphasis on Contributing Disciplines: 1973-1998. (Supervisors: Dr. Margaret Ann Wilkinson and Dr. Michael Nelson)

Kofmel, Kim (April 2002). Adult Readers of Science Fiction and Fantasy: A Qualitative Study of Reading Preference and Genre Perception. (Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Ross)

McKenzie, Pamela (April 2001). Negotiating Authoritative Knowledge: Information Practices Across a Life Transition. (Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Ross)

Given, Lisa (December 2000). The Social Construction of the 'Mature Student' Identity: Effects and Implications for Academic Information Behaviours. (Supervisor: Dr. Gloria Leckie)

Dorner, Daniel G. (January 2000). Determining Essential Services on the Canadian Information Highway: An Exploratory Study of the Public Policy Process. (Supervisor: Dr. Margaret Ann Wilkinson)

Titles from the 1990s

Downie, J. Stephen (September 1999). Evaluating a Simple Approach to Music Information Retrieval: Conceiving Melodic N-Grams as Text. (Supervisor: Dr. Michael Nelson)

Fulton, Crystal (March 1999). Telework: Change in Information Professionals' Work Through Alternate Work Design. (withheld from public use for one year) (Supervisor: Dr. Roma Harris)

Brown, Christine (December 1998). The Role of Computer-Mediated Communication in the Research Process of Music Scholars: An Exploratory Investigation. (Supervisor: Dr. Patricia Dewdney)

Dilevko, Juris (December 1998). As the Library Turns: Women, Technology, and Advertisements in the Wired World. (Supervisor: Dr. Roma Harris)

Pettigrew, Karen (December 1997). The Role of Community Health Nurses in Providing Information and Referral to the Elderly: A Study Based on Social Network Theory. (Supervisor: Dr. Patricia Dewdney)

Julien, Heidi (September 1997). How Does Information Help? The Search for Career-Related Information by Adolescents. (Supervisor: Dr. Gillian Michell)

Toms, Elaine G. (March 1997). Browsing Digital Information: Examining the 'Affordances' in the Interaction of User and Text. (Supervisors: Dr. Mark Kinnucan and Dr. Jean Tague-Sutcliffe)

Wicks, Donald A. (November 1996). The Information-Seeking Behaviour of Pastoral Clergy: A Study of the Interaction of Their Work Worlds and Work Roles. (Supervisor: Dr. Roma Harris)

McKechnie, Lynne (E.F.) (July 1996). Opening the "Preschoolers' Door to Learning": An Ethnographic Study of the Use of Public Libraries by Preschool Girls. (Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Ross)

Baker, Lynda M. (March 1994). The Information Needs and Information-Seeking Patterns of Women Coping With and Adjusting To Multiple Sclerosis. (Supervisor: Dr. Roma Harris)

Baron, Lisa (March 1994). The Effectiveness of Labelled, Typed Links as Cues in Hypertext Systems. (Supervisors: Dr. Mark Kinnucan and Dr. Jean Tague-Sutcliffe)

Wilkinson, Margaret Ann (August 1992). Impact of the Ontario Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 1987 Upon Affected Organizations. (Supervisors: Dr. Mark Kinnucan and Dr. David Flaherty)

Chu, Clara M. (July 1992). The Scholarly Process and the Nature of the Information Needs of the Literary Critic: A Descriptive Model. (Supervisor: Dr. Roma Harris)

Connor, Jennifer J. (July 1992). To Advocate, To Diffuse, and To Elevate: The Culture and Context of Medical Publishing in Canada, 1630 to 1920. (Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Ross)

Austin, Jill T. (July 1991). Influence of Cost Consciousness and Heuristic Approach on Online Search Performance. (Supervisor: Dr. Roma Harris)

Qiu, Liwen (June 1991). Probabilistic Models of Search State and Path Patterns in Hypertext Information Retrieval Systems. (Supervisor: Jean Tague-Sutcliffe)

Lundberg, Norma J. (December 1990). The Social Organization of Birth Control Information in Public Libraries. (Supervisor: Dr. Gillian Michell)

Lu, Xin (October 1990). An Application of Case Relations to Document Retrieval. (Supervisor: Dr. Jean Tague-Sutcliffe)

MacDonald, Bertrum H. (August 1990). 'Public Knowledge': The Dissemination of Scientific Literature in Victorian Canada as Illustrated From the Geological and Agricultural Sciences. (Supervisor: Dr. Janet Fyfe)

Wolfram, Dietmar (August 1990). The Application of Informetrics to Information Retrieval Systems Design: A Simulation Study. (Supervisor: Dr. Michael J. Nelson)

Cano, Virginia (June 1990). Citation Life Cycle: Use of Citations Through Time. (Supervisor: Dr. Jean Tague-Sutcliffe)

Titles from the 1980s

Tiamiyu, Mutawakilu Adisa (December 1989). Factors Underlying the Use of Information Sources in Government Institutions in Nigeria. (Supervisor: Dr. Roma Harris)

Ajiferuke, Isola S.Y. (November 1988). A Probabilistic Model for the Distribution of Authorships and a Measure of the Degree of Research Collaboration. (Supervisor: Dr. Jean Tague-Sutcliffe)

Allen, Bryce L. (June 1988). Bibliographic and Text-Linguistic Schemata in the User-Intermediary Interaction. (Supervisor: Dr. Gillian Michell)

Beheshti, Jamshid (March 1987). Beyond Circulation Statistics: Patterns of Book Use by Undergraduate Students in an Academic Library. (Supervisor: Dr. Jean Tague-Sutcliffe)

Rees-Potter, Lorna Katherine (February 1987). A Bibliometric Analysis of Terminological and Conceptual Change in Sociology and Economics: With Application to the Design of Dynamic Thesaural Systems (Volumes 1 and 2). (Supervisor: Dr. Jean Tague-Sutcliffe)

Nicholls, Paul Travis (January 1987). The Lotka Hypothesis and Bibliographic Methodology. (Supervisor: Dr. Jean Tague-Sutcliffe)

Dewdney, Patricia H. (August 1986). The Effects of Training Reference Librarians in Interview Skills: A Field Experiment. (Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Ross)

Cummings, Stephen F. (July 1986). Angus McGill Mowat and the Development of Ontario Public Libraries, 1920-1960. (Supervisor: Dr. Janet Fyfe)

Lewis, DeeAnn Emmel (July 1984). Case Grammar and Functional Relations in Aboutness Recognition and Relevance Decision-Making in the Bibliographic Retrieval Environment. (Supervisor: Dr. Jean Tague-Sutcliffe)

Nwagha, Georgiana Kiente Ngeri (April 1983). Bibliographic Control in the Field of Agriculture in Nigeria - A Study of Demand and Availability. (Supervisor: Dr. William J. Cameron)

Deschatelets, Gilles H. (August 1982). Towards an Optimal Level of Participation of the Intermediary in the user-System Interface of Bibliographic Online Search Services (Volumes 1 and 2). (Supervisor: Dr. Jean Tague-Sutcliffe)

Nelson, Michael J. (November 1981). Probabilistic Models for the Simulation of Bibliographic Retrieval Systems. (Supervisor: Dr. Jean Tague-Sutcliffe)

Rao, Inna Kedage Ravichandra (February 1981). Document and User Distribution in Transaction Records of Canadian University Libraries. (Supervisor: Dr. Jean Tague-Sutcliffe)

Shepherd, Michael Alan (June 1978). The Colon Classification As a Basis for Automatic Full Text Retrieval. (Supervisor: Dr. Jean Tague-Sutcliffe)

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