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Introduction to Doctoral-Level Scholarship in Library and Information Science
Advanced Research Methods 1
Advanced Research Methods 2
Statistical Methods (discontinued as of August 2017)
Advanced Research Methods (discontinued as of December 2016)
Information Policy
Special Topic: Copyright, Creativity, Technology and the Music Industry
The Library as Place
Introduction to Informetrics
Information Visualization
Advanced Information Retrieval
Information and Cognitive Technologies
Human-Computer Interaction: The User and Technology
Language and Computer Technologies for Libraries and Beyond
Information Equity: Social Justice in a Network Society
Social Capital: Theory & Methods
Interdisciplinary Issues in Health Information Science
An Introduction to Critical Theory in Library and Information Science
Advanced Multilingual Information Access
Philosophy of Library and Information Science
Images, Music, and Video: Non-text Information
Cognitive Aspects of Information System Design and Use
Technological Society: Inequality, Power, and Social Networks
Special Topic: Informing Decision Making
Notions of Power and Information
Special Topic: Analyzing Media Messages
Political Economy of Information
Information Practices in Everyday Life
Knowledge Practices in Scholarly and Professional Communities
Reading Theory and Practice
Special Topic: Children, Media and Information
Human Information Practices
Information Ethics
Phd Directed Study 1
Phd Directed Study 2
Phd Directed Study 3
Health, Media and Marketing
Evidence-Based Health Care for Information Professionals
Special Topic: Topics in Health Informatics
Special Topic: The Facts about Facts: Critical Issues in Media Literacy
Special Topic: Misinformation and Viral Deception
Feminist Approaches to Media and Information Studies
Special Topic: Making and Thinking
Health Reporting and Health Communication
Special Topic: Contemplation and Mindfulness in the Information Age
Exploring Youth Studies Research
Social Contexts of Health Information: A Critical Review of Theory and Research