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Senior Manager & Head, Business Research Group - BMO Capital Markets, Toronto

Tim Lund-Pedersen

Tim Lund-Pedersen '96

"I entered the MLIS program knowing I liked to do research, but without a clear vision of how that would translate into a career. I graduated with a core set of unique skills, many transferable ones, and the confidence that there were a broad range of possible applications inside and outside of libraries. The program introduced me to new technologies and gave me the ability to enter any organization and apply a critical eye to information needs. This has served me well in the highly demanding financial services industry, a somewhat unconventional landing place for an information professional.

The co-op experience is a great way to determine the types of jobs that may or may not be a fit for you and to make some key contacts in the job market. As an employer who now hires both co-op students and full-timers from the program, I continue to realize the benefits of the program through the fresh ideas and comfort with new technology my new hires bring to the group."

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