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User Experience Librarian - The University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

Ruby Lavallee Warren

Ruby Lavallee Warren '13

"The flexibility of the Western MLIS program was a huge help in developing the broad range of professional skills that I needed to break into professional librarianship. The opportunity to pursue co-op placements allowed me to develop a feeling of confidence in my abilities as a new professional, and being able to do so before completing my electives also encouraged me to identify my weaknesses and interests on the job, and to direct my remaining learning into those areas. I highly recommend attending FIMS with an open mind and an eye to acquiring a breadth of knowledge through work, classes, and frequent volunteering. By taking advantage of practical classes on everything from children’s librarianship to user experience research (and by supplementing my learning with volunteer and part-time opportunities), I was able to grow into a fully rounded professional, and into the fulfilling position I hold today."

Liaison Librarian - The University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

Sarah Clark

Sarah Clark '12

"Attending Western’s MLIS program was crucial in preparing me for my current role as a liaison librarian at the University of Manitoba.  I was introduced to a supportive faculty, and had a chance to engage with other students who shared my professional interests.  While in the program, I was exposed to various aspects of librarianship, and learned how the skills I developed could be applied to a variety of professional settings.  Many assignments focused on practical aspects of work, such as developing collections, marketing services and providing instruction, all of which are needed in my current position. I also completed a co-op at the Elizabeth Dafoe Library, where I gained valuable skills in the field of academic librarianship and developed a passion for this area of work.  Overall, Western helped me develop a stronger understanding of the possibilities available to me professionally, while allowing me to get the skills I needed to be effective in such roles.  It was definitely a worthwhile experience!"

Ministry Forms Analyst - Province of British Columbia, Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation, Victoria, BC

Ali Emery

Ali Emery '12

"When I started the MLIS program at Western, I had a very narrow idea of the career that would be ahead of me - a career in a library, obviously! However, going through the program opened my eyes to the variety of industries and positions that utilize the skills learned in the MLIS program. Ultimately, I discovered strengths and talents that lead me more towards Information Science side of the program, and I found a range of technical classes, such as UX Design and Digital Libraries, that help me bolster those strengths. I now work as a Forms Analyst, implementing my knowledge of user-based design and human-computer interaction as part of large, cross-ministry project for the BC government, and I love it. Participating in Western’s MLIS program was a great decision, as it allowed me to explore career options that I had not considered before and led me to a career that I thoroughly enjoy."

Engineering and Computer Sciences Librarian - University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

Saran Croos

Saran Croos '13

"Enrolling in Western’s Master of Library and Information Science program was one of the best decisions that I ever made. Western’s reputation for collegiality and community is unparalleled and the MLIS program was no exception; the faculty members were all extremely knowledgeable and went above and beyond what was required in order to ensure that the MLIS students received a thorough and hands-on education and the graduate student atmosphere was spectacular. I left Western with a solid understanding of the crucial role that libraries and librarians play in society as well as the ability to effectively perform the duties that is required from a librarian. Ultimately, I was able to appreciate the full value of Western’s MLIS degree and co-op program when, prior to graduating, I was able to secure my current role as the Engineering and Computer Sciences Librarian at the University of New Brunswick where I am now able to utilize all of the skills I acquired throughout the MLIS program."

Community Outreach and Program Services Librarian - London Public Library

Kevin Davidson

Kevin Davidson '12

"When I began my MLIS at Western, I entered with a strong focus on public librarianship. With no specific experience or training in the field, I was quickly and thoroughly introduced to the profession's history, best practices, and emerging trends and concepts. Studying at Western's Faculty of Information and Media Studies also allowed me to create a strong professional network. With the support of its amazing faculty, I was introduced to experts working in the field through job shadowing and co-op opportunities, as well as guest lectures, field trips, and special assignments. In addition, the collegial focus in many of the classes allowed me to share ideas with my classmates - a group of brilliant individuals who are succeeding in their respective careers and areas of research. Their successes, paired with my own, have demonstrated to me how strong the FIMS program is in supporting a wide spectrum of goals in the field of library of information science."

Electronic Resources Librarian - Camosun College, Victoria, BC

Gwenda Bryan

Gwenda Bryan '12

"I gained so much more from Western’s MLIS program than I ever could have imagined! Far beyond simply providing the credentials necessary to advance my career, it challenged me to embrace the changes occurring within the field of library and information science and to see myself as a participant in this transformation. Within the supportive atmosphere of FIMS, I was able to weave practical skills with theoretical understanding and to see myself as a researcher as well as a practitioner. One of the things that attracted me to Western was the wide array of courses offered, and I draw on many of these skills on a daily basis – whether it’s preparing lesson plans, making collection decisions, or designing usability studies. I also learned the value of collaboration and I am confident that the personal and professional connections I made at Western will only strengthen as time goes on."

Grants and Awards Librarian - University of Victoria Libraries, Victoria, BC

Christine Walde

Christine Walde '12

"The MLIS program at Western was fundamental to my career advancement. I not only learned the basics of librarianship through foundational courses, but the power of critical thinking, the importance of research, and the diligence to stay committed, focused and dedicated throughout the program, while enhancing my beliefs in literacy, lifelong learning, and the value of libraries in our society. The professors were inspiring, challenging, and supportive. Almost everything I learned in library school has practical applications in my everyday job. I made lifelong friends, developed professional relationships with colleagues, and enriched my sense of being."

Digital Access Librarian - West Vancouver Memorial Library

Sarah Felkar

Sarah Felkar '12

"The MLIS program at Western offered the opportunity for me to develop and hone the professional skills that are required to work in my field. The classes were a great mix of practice and theory, and the instructors were up-to-date on current issues. The program also connected me with a number of excellent volunteer and mentorship opportunities. I greatly benefited from Western’s MLIS program, gaining experience and skills that I would not have had the opportunity to do elsewhere."

Librarian - Toronto Public Library

Vicky Yan

Vicky Yan '13

"The MLIS program at The University of Western Ontario taught me valuable knowledge, insights, and philosophy of being a librarian. From children's services to adults' reader advisory, and information technologies to management, the program's wide selection of courses allows students to explore the different aspects of librarianship and concentrate on areas they are interested in. The faculty members are knowledgeable and approachable; creating a friendly and enriching academic environment for students of various educational backgrounds. I feel that the program has prepared me well for my career. The combination of class discussions, hands-on projects, and presentations helped to develop critical-thinking, problem-solving, and creativity skills needed in the field."

Community Outreach Librarian - Prince George Public Library

Julie Creaser

Julie Creaser '13

"The MLIS program at Western is an excellent mix of academic theory and practical approach to the information spheres influencing community, workplaces and the global village. The program allowed me to choose my own path towards my career goals while preparing me to arrive in the workplace ready to contribute, both intellectually and practically. In my first year as a Community Outreach Librarian, I’ve employed skills and approaches I learned directly through my studies including understanding how to develop community partnerships, managing a library’s collection, researching, planning and evaluating programs and services, making cases for grant applications and delivering quality information services in my community. My new employer welcomed the research I did during my Independent Study at Western, and we were able to launch a new program based on it – the MLIS at Western gave me a strong start in my new career."

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